Entering the Land of Canaan- Victorious

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You come to me with your spear, sword and threats; but I come in the name of The Lord. In the land of Canaan there are giants. However, they are bread for you. The Hittites are descends of Heth from Canaan. The sons of Noah. The Hittite spirit is fear. Heth means terror. The enemy comes to taunt you that you would make decisions that would take you out of the will if God. Fear not, the righteousness of God repels the enemy and forces him to submit or flee.

More teaching to come on these Giants!

Prayer of Restoration

valley-of-dry-bones-300x225Prayer of Restoration

The question is, “Can These Bones Live?

Ezekiel 37:1-14 speaks of a dry and desolate  place in ones life, where is a miracle is required to restore life back into a lifeless circumstance.

The Answer is ‘Yes.’ these bones can live again.  In this scripture the Lord commanded Ezekiel to call those thing that were not as though they were–to prophesy to the bones, and say to them, O dry  bones, hear the word of the Lord! With power and the anointing he made a declaration that, surely he would cause breath to enter into the bones, and they shall live.

Today, I speak to your valley experience and command that there be a spiritual regeneration. Not by my power or might, but by the spirit of the Lord. I cause breath to enter into you and you shall live. Though you were slain in the battle, and your despair was scatter as dry bones in a cemetery–you shall rise as a restored believer.  I command the grave to open and release your bandages.

Subsequently, you are healed by the His stripes, emotionally, physiologically, socially and financially–extrinsic and intrinsic. I speak to the four winds–God’s omnipresence and the four quarters of the earth to breath on the you– that you may live. I decree and legislate that you will rise up as a great warrior in the spirit.

Every dry area, now, be restored today!

You Shall Know That The Lord Has Brought You Out And Placed You In

Restoration: From Jacob to Israel

The message–I am in a quagmire — I have Laban behind me and I got Esau in front of me; but, I am in the center where God wants me– I can’t take the side road. I have to be obedient and follow the Lord–He is with me. It is my breakthrough: from Joacobism to Israel, which is governed and ruled by God. The lesson: we will all have to experience a situation that is so great. It is a premiere moment where the situation in front us and the situation be hind us is greater than all of our abilities– but we must cling to God!

It’s A New Season

cropped-img_07173.jpg My faith has stood in the commerce of heat. I have showed up for my preliminary hearing and have stood in the courtroom of God. Because I believed, it was accredited to my account. After reading books on: Name It..; Six Ways to Be Blessed; Decree and Declare…done that–got the T-shirt, some things still did not change. In the trying of my faith, I had to yoke my collar and stand courageously. I asked myself, who told you that you were not going to have a testing of your faith experience? Who told you that this Christian experience was immediate retribution, an immediate response? That is a distorted version of God’s Word.

My summation is:  I was tried in the fire, but I am coming out as pure gold. The conflict and affliction proved good for my soul. There, I received revelation–and experience with God. Moreover, I can empirically say that some things will not change, but God will give you the grace to go through. My faith has stood the test, and it is not about wealth or health–it’s trusting Him when you don’t know what to do.

God has the solution for every problem or concern, and His timing is always perfect.

A new season is up on me–I can see the glory. It is a season of power and prosperity. It is a fresh anointing flowing my way and everything that I need is resting in my Father’s hand.

My friend, trials will come. Do not think it is strange when they come upon you. However, God will make you strong in your weakness. He will also give you strength to stand.

Grace & More Grace Shall You Be Established

1.2.2a_ls0001092_7_1From a damaged root–life emerges- God will bring forth a fresh BRANCH–a servant.

Who are you O great mountain?  The ‘great mountain’ is symbolic of a great man who has made the decree that the work you started will not be completed.  God reveals the enemy through revelation, availing us to  give him notice that the mountain will become plain before the true kingdom builder of God. The servant of the Lord is encouraged to move forward with the anointing–the Spirit of the Lord. It is with grace and more grace that the work be accomplished.

Revelation is revealed through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Let’s examine one of the scriptures pertaining  the power of God.  Zechariah 4:9
The greatest display of God’s power are not necessarily shows of force, mighty acts, or creative splendor. Rather, the supremacy of God’s power is seen in the way He accomplishes His purpose through mere vessels of clay made mighty because He has infused them with His life.

The text addresses a worn and weary Zerubbabel, who, having gallantly laid the temple’s foundation, was about to succumb to discouragement. But the word of God makes a declaration that by the Spirit of God, Zerubbabel’s hands will complete the work God has destined for him.

Discouragement can always be answered with God’s ability to grace and empower the human soul. His might is seen by what HE does through the weak, the insignificant, the powerless–a Babe born in Bethlehem, a timid Gideon, a melancholy Jeremiah, a band of twelve ordinary men (Cor. 1:26-28).

Rest is this assurance: As long as the heart is turned toward Him in childlike trust, He will enable anyone to complete the work to which He has called them. Deut. 4:24/Job 19:25)

The Master of Suddenly


God is the master of suddenly; there are times you need faith to believe and times that you need a miracle to come forth.

I previously spoke about Martha in the New Testament book of St. John, the 11th chapter. Consequently, I cannot speak of her without talking about the mystique Mary who washed the feet of Jesus. She is the sister Martha and Lazarus. She is the Mary who went to Jesus as soon as she heard the Master had called for her.  In this passage, verse 32, Jesus was troubled after he saw Mary as well as the Jews weeping. He was moved against the satanic power that had Lazarus in a grip.  Once again He faced a conflict with Satan, however this time, it was the power of death.

When He saw where they laid Lazarus, He wept. This passage delineates that Jesus knew her pain–Lazarus, so she perceived had died. And although He wept–a didactic of the shortest but most expressive scripture in the Bible, Jesus caused His enemies to acknowledge His love and compassion. It is interesting that they had no idea that a greater miracle was about to be performed than the healing of the blind man. God wants to do greater than the last miracle and, or the last testimony in your life. This was a set-up for a greater blessing. Let us go a little deeper: The Jews generally cut their graves out of the faces of cliffs. The stone in this case did not lie upon the the grave opening, but leaned against it. Until God completely shuts the door, there still a possibility for a miracle.  See each situation with the mind of Christ. Things that seem to be out of the norm, could be for the glory of God in your life.

Jesus told them to remove the stone–a stone lay upon the cave and not cut into the cliff. Martha said that Lazarus stinketh–it had been four days. Jesus, again, asked a question. “Said I not unto thee, that if thou wouldest believe, thou shoulest see the glory of God? Jesus began to speak to His Father– He knew He had a covenant with Him. He thank the Father for hearing His prayer. He went on to say; “And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by, I said it, that they may believe that thou has sent me.”  This suggest that Christ had already prayed and was heard, receiving the will of God in this case before He started on His trip to Bethany. He no doubt was led of God to delay the trip as recorded in Chapter 11. Verse 43 delineates that Jesus, with a loud voice called forth Lazarus and he that was dead came forth. He spoke loud enough that all standing could hear the command and see that even the dead were subject to Him.

My friend, God is the master of suddenly–one call, text, mail or the alike can change your life forever.  Hold on–only believe that nothing is too hard for God ~ Pastor T Carter.

Truth Statement:

  • Only Believe!
  • You are not subjugated to the courses of the world!
  • The dead issue is subject to you!
  • Death has no power over you!
  • Whatsoever you bound on earth is bound in heaven!
  • Whatsoever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven!

Fourteen Purposes of Christ’s Miracles:

  • Make believers
  • Fulfill prophecy
  • Demonstrate God’s will
  • Destroy the works of Satan
  • Confirm His Sonship and Messianic claims
  • Confirm God’s Word and love
  • Demonstrate God’s power over Satan
  • Proves that God was WITH Him
  • Proves the kingdom of God present
  • Sets an example for all gospel ministers
  • Demonstrates the power of the Spirit baptism
  • Demonstrates full salvation for body