Day-3 Breaking the Cycle

18-days left   – Dinah

The first three days of fasting is generally the hardest days. You have literally shocked your taste buds, told your stomach to hush, and your cravings to go. You’ve actually commanded your flesh to obey. It is common to experience a headache and even feel famished or a little weak. It’s okay, you will be fine as you go into day four. Remember to stay in prayer and read the Word of God.

Let’s look at another woman from the Holy Bible. Her name is Dinah. You don’t hear much about her, however, she experienced what many women encounter today. You know the story of Jacob Rachel and Leah. The Bible says Laban had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. Leah’s eyes was delicate or tinder eyed [for lack of a better word: cock-eyed/cross-eyed], but Rachel was beautiful of form and appearance.

Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. Oblivious to Laban’s scheme, he was given Leah on his wedding night. Jacob worked another seven years for  Rachel. He married both, the Bible says that he love Rachel more than he love Leah. The story goes on to say that Rachel was barren and envied her sister. Leah, although unloved, had six sons hoping to draw Jacob’s love toward her. However, he still loved Rachel more. Leah believed Jacob would dwell with her now that she had his seventh child, but he didn’t.

How many times do with see this? The seventh child was a girl and Leah named her Dinah. Thereafter, the Lord had compassion on Rachel and she bore a son and named him Joseph.

Dinah was born into a dysfunctional family. Leah throttled with pain and desperation, did what she needed to do to keep her bed warm. Desperation will make you do things you thought you would never do. It will make you stay in an abusive and loveless relationship.

Dinah witness a mother who had low self-esteem, a mother who bore six sons and one daughter to a man who loved another woman. For years she gazed upon a torn and scarred mother. Nevertheless, Dinah ventured outside of what she knew to look for the daughters (sisters) of the land. She went outside of her home to find friendship and love. But instead of sisters, she found Hamor who violated her. Despite his vile act, he fell in love with her and asked permission to marry her. I believe there was a spirit (generational) that hovered over Dinah. This was the spirit Hamor saw at first sight, but after the offense, he saw beneath the pain and fell in love with an attractive women. The Bible says that he was strongly attracted to her and loved her. She found her love, however,  it didn’t last. (read the story). Genesis 34:3

  • How many will break away from the pain of the past?
  • Who will break the cycle of self-abuse?

Most are afraid to step out on unfamiliar territory and chart new courses. It takes faith to leave what you know or was taught behind and step out on the water. It takes courage and tenacity not to fault momma even if she didn’t always do what was right. It takes the wisdom of God to seek the Lord that He may guide you into righteousness, and true love. Jesus Christ, for there is no greater Love.

Scripture Read

  • Genesis 29; 30; 34

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4 thoughts on “Day-3 Breaking the Cycle

  1. Pastor Tarran, this such a blessing to have something like this to read daily, it gi ves me strength to carry on

  2. Pastor Tarran, this such a blessing to have something like this to read daily, it gi ves me strength to carry on

  3. Amen!!
    I can say that times in my life in my pass I was Leah, and you are right sometime you get so involved in his life -you forget you have one of your own… I left (5) men to get to (1) Jesus..

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