Noel Jones – Send Me the Holy Ghost

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7 thoughts on “Noel Jones – Send Me the Holy Ghost

    1. You got your message early… I didn’t think anyone would veiw the blog until tomorrow for the next scripture read… I should have known–you are always early. lol

      This message is great! I loved it, it had me going. I have more to post over the 21-days

    1. Respected My dear Pastor Tarran Carter ,
      Greetings and blessings in the name of Lord Jesus from New Life Gospel Fellowship-NLGF. It is a ministry that works with community for their religious and social development.

      We are a group of Christian serving the Christian oppressed Christian. We are working with poor communities to be strong in Faith in Jesus, community Based health Programme, education Development, Sunday school, teacher trainings programme to guide students in the appropriate way, women development, to help mentality disturbed students to the leaders of Future of the community, and stop domestic violence, to stop child labor and natural disaster and other merging issues.

      We have arranged the community meetings with youth, women, and students and came across many problems of the community, and concluded to arrange programmes as tools for their sustainable development.

      We kindly request you to study our material and for your kind consideration and feed back.

      Truly yours in Jesus Christ

      New Life Gospel Fellowship-NLGF
      Faisalabad, Pakistan

  1. Please this is important. The youtube talks about how the NIV bible is written by antichrist witches, and demons. Please share with others and Thank you for ministry.

    Gail Riplinger – New Age Bible Versions (part 1 of 16)
    Is your Bible a New Age Bible? “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LO…

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