Day-5 Prudence is Power

16-Days of Declaration and Power.


Abigail, is the first women of faith that we will talk about. It’s an awesome story displaying the prudence of a women of faith.

The Bible says that Abigail was a woman of good understanding and beautiful in continence. She was prudent and clever, but her husband Nabal –was churlish. He was of the devil, a brute, and foolish–a dog. His name means “fool,” and his character was that of a fool.

Footnote: Let us be careful of the names we choose for our children. They do have significance and can carry a spirit of prominence or sorrow–Jabez and a few others from the Bible gives us this example.

Most would ask–how did these took two hookup? Most likely, the parents made the match because they were impressed by his wealth. We can make this summation based on the culture and the scriptures tell us that Nabal had vast lands, asses, cattle, other stock, and many servants.

Lets go to the story: Samuel, the buffer between Saul and David, had died and David was moving as far away from Saul as possible. Everyone in Israel knew who David was and the assertion between him and Saul. At this point, David was in the stronghold of the woods and needed food. He sent his servants (in his name) to oblige Nabal to give whatever goods he had for that day. However, Nabal dishonored David, he insulted and disrespected him. He responded to David’s servants by saying, “Who is David, and who is the son of Jesse?” Basically, he refused to give any food or goods.

David’s servants turned away and returned to David with the report. David– now outraged, plans vengeance on Nabal and every male to him. He tells his men to gird up with sword, and about 400 men went with him. Two hundred remained with the possessions.

It was a divine providence that Abigail received word from a young man about her husband’s insulting remarks against David and his servants. The young man reminded her of how David protected them and made sure no theft came to them, and now that he needed food, Nabal refused him. Abigail did what any woman of faith and prudence would do–she gathered. Taking five sheep already dressed, two hundred loaves, two bottles of wine, one hundred clusters of raisins, one hundred and fig cakes, for David and his household–she was on a mission. Unbeknownst to her husband, Abigail went to disarm David.

She knew her household was in danger of being destroyed. When she saw David, she hasted off the ass and fell before him on her face. I must say–this woman is powerful. She first apologizes and then proceeds to tell David that her husband was–a man of Belial (the devil). Even his name means fool. She then spoke to David’s spirit and said to him what no other woman had ever told him. She puts the Word on Him and said, “Though a man rise up to seek your life, yet the life of my lord shall be bound in the living bundle with the Lord your God. And the lives of your enemies–them shall He sling out as out of the center of a sling.” 1 Samuel 25:29 AMP

Abigail spoke to David’s past, present, and future: Past — God was going to use the same sling-shot he used on Goliath to destroy his enemies, present–he had a special relationship with God, future–he would be King of Israel. She disarmed him by also bringing him some food. Lets not forget the Bibles says she was beautiful. Her beauty, boldness, and faith knock him off his feet, Can you see him standing there in front of all his men saying? “No fight today!” Totally, succumbed to the spirit of a women who prevented him from a blood-guilt conscience, he accept her food and words and told her to go in peace.

David allowed God to fight his battle. The story goes on to say that Abigail went home and because Nabal was very drunk (a feast for the king), she had to wait until morning to tell him about David. The next morning, she told her husband what happened, his heart died within him and he became paralyzed. After the Lord had smote him, ten days later he died. When David heard, he rejoiced that he did not take the matter in his own hand and he later took Abigail as his wife.

Abigail Superimposed the works of the enemy for her family, possessions, and destiny. Walk in the wisdom of God for your family.
Scripture Read:
• Proverb 12:16; 16:21; 19:14
• Galatians 5:13-24



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3 thoughts on “Day-5 Prudence is Power

  1. Most likely the parents made the match because they were impressed by his wealth.. Wow!!! this is so true sometimes we marry the wrong men for the wrong reason, cause he has money, he can give me a good future or a home etc.. been there done that. If God is not in it -it will fail every time.. Don’t marry yourself a Nabal. lol

  2. People see stories all the time similiar to what you said about the parents choosing your partner or even yourself linking the wrong person, I thank God for the power of prayer and the holy spirit that will lead & guide. I myself did not know the power I possess, but as a wife now I am aware of what needs to be done when the enemy strikes, I Love that story Abigail knew what she had do & she did it.

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