Mary, Martha’s Sister
We will begin this session with Jesus at the house of Simon the leper who Jesus healed earlier. Matthew 26:6  This story takes place at the time of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, six days before the Passover.  Jerusalem was swarming with people and about 250,000 lambs were killed in the temple (between 3-5 PM) to celebrate the Passover. According to Exodus one lamb must serve ten people; therefore, it was a about 2.5 million people at the Feast. The celebration lasted seven days and Passover followed directly after. Passover is a yearly event that the people commemorate how Jesus delivered the Israelites out of bondage 1500 years before this time by raising up a man name Moses. The Israelites placed blood in the form of a cross on the doorpost (above the door and basin beneath) so the death angel could not inflict death in the home, but pass over after seeing the blood. This is why we still plead the blood of Jesus today over us, family, home, and possessions. We all know the Movie of the Ten Commandments, directed by Cecile B. Demille d. Although it doesn’t act out all ten plagues, it does have some validly and is a great story.
The chief priest and the elders of the people gathered with the high priest Caiaphas and consulted to secretly take Jesus and kill him. But because of tradition (Feast) they were afraid if they moved too soon there would be an uproar from the people. Jesus was in Bethany at Simon’s house and Mary the sister of Marta came with an alabaster box; precious ointment. The alabaster box is synonymous of a CD/stock or bank account. Basically her savings, her dowry. For some, it was their ticket for marriage. Mary broke the alabaster and poured the oil over Jesus’ head while he reclined at the table.
The breaking of the alabaster is worship. Often times brokenness provokes worship to come forth. Worship is costly as the alabaster was worth 300 pence equal to a years salary. Worship will cost you image. Most in general, we are so concerned about how people perceive us. This prevents some from true worship. It actually hinders the blessing. Don’t be afraid to throw your hands up and worship God. Worship is also misunderstood. It is not practical and it‘s not always conservative. The theologian Soren Kierkegaard said “To know God, you must have experience with him.” Worship takes you into relationship, and relationship takes you into experience. Conversely, I have heard, “It doesn’t take all that.” I beg to differ, it takes that and more.
Mary had special revelation (the act of God disclosing himself of communicating truth to mind) Exodus 32:12-23 she came to anoint Jesus for his burial. She knew what time it was.  Mary understood Jesus came to die, but his body would not see corruption. Question, “How could she have known this when the disciples didn’t have a clue?” It was be cause she worship Him. She was at His feet and not His face. She worshiped with adoration.  And Because she was at the feet of Jesus, she could see what the others could not see. V12 “For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did for my burial.“ In this scripture He was speaking to the disciples who were indignant that she would use such expensive ointment to anoint him. Read verse 13, it’s powerful. Jesus was so touched, that he said what she did will be preached in the world. How awesome, if we touch the heart of Jesus like this… He will present us before many as a blessing.
The book of John tells us that Judas, said it was a waste to anoint Jesus with the ointment and suggested it be given to the poor. We all know he didn’t care about the poor–he was pilfering the money bag. People who don’t understand worship will say it is a waste of time. I find this interesting. Judas Iscariot of the southern region of Israel was the only disciple from that part of town. Judas was the sharpest of all the disciples, he was an educated man–a business man. That is why he carried the money bag; however, he was a thief. We can see the behavior in our society today. If you read on the scripture says he was the son of Perdition–a waste. Isn’t that what he called Mary’s adoration for Jesus? We all know what became of him. I don’t know of anyone who has name their child Judas. Now that is something to think about.
John 12 says that Mary took the costly oil and anointed the feet of Jesus with her hair. The perfumed odor filled the room with worship. Mary smelled like Jesus. I believe she took on His characteristics. If we worship, will smell like Jesus. Judas or any other disciple couldn’t stop her if they wanted to. Worship makes it impossible for the enemy superimposes his plots. Some would say, then why did Jesus have to go to the cross. The answer is. We are predestined.  Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for sin that you and I can live an abundant life.
In the Gospel of John Mary is again mentioned at the feet of Jesus. She comes to Jesus and drops at this feet when Lazarus died, saying if he were there it wouldn’t have happened. Women of God, let’s get to the feet of Jesus. At his feet we can worship and bring our spouses to His feet, our children to his feet, our finance, and issues. I don’t know about you, but I have to stay at the feet of Jesus, so change is enviable.
Scripture Reading
Isaiah 58

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