Jochebed, the mother of Moses

The book of Exodus (God’s answer to man’s need) begins with a remarkable story and a remarkable birth. From the beginning of this story we will see the finger of God at work. A family of 70 immigrants: the sons of Jacob (Israel) grew into people of slavery. Joseph had died his brethren and all that generation. Over 400 years the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly and multiplied greatly (3 million). This was the promise of Abraham. A rose a new king (Seti the second) who did not know Joseph or the favor he had with the previous king. The massive growth of the Israelite children intimidated the new Pharaoh. He set task masters over them to inflict them with their burdens. The Israelites built Pithom, and Raameses as treasured cities for Pharaoh. The more he inflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. Pharaoh made the Egyptians serve with great vigor. He made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, in brick, and in all manner of service.

Two things to note: At this time,  Pharoah was concerned about a possible invasion from the north (Hittites), and spiritually, Satan inspired him to kill the male babies. When God wants to change history, he always starts with a baby: Satin and the seed of a woman, Herod and Jesus; and here we have Pharaoh and Moses.

The king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives Shiprah and Puah and made a decree that they should go and kill every male child born. Now there were approximately 500 to 1000 midwives in Israel. This decree is deeper than Moses; Jesus was to come through the line of Juda.  Shiphrah and Puah feared God and did not carry out the command. Pharaoh questioned their disobedience. They basically told Pharaoh that the Hebrew women were different from the Egyptians women, they were strong and did not wait for the midwives to have their babies. Whether the story they told is true or not, it was the plan of God to spare the male babies. When we mention woman of faith we must include these two women. The Bibles says God blessed them. They had favor with God for their faithfulness to Him.

As we move forward into the second chapter Moses is born under this insidious sentence of death; pharaoh’s servants were drowning all the male babies in the river. Nonetheless, the life of Moses was amazingly preserved by the hand of God, despite the decree of Pharaoh. Moses is born to a woman of faith  named Jochebed, the daughter of Levi. The scripture says that she saw that the baby was exceedingly handsome, and hid him three months in the river bank. And when she could no long hide him, she sent the child down the river in an ark/basket that she built. You know the story. Pharaoh’s only daughter came down to bathe in the river and along the bank she saw the child. The baby wept and she had compassion, and took the child as her own, even though she knew it was a Hebrew baby!

God is so exact in his plan. It was Moses’ sister (Miriam) who followed her brother down the Nile and saw that Pharaoh’s daughter couldn’t nurse the baby, but needed a Hebrew woman. Subsequently, Moses’ mother nurse her own child and received wages to do so. Pharaoh’s daughter named the baby Moses because she drew him out of the water. Let’s think about this for a moment. Jochebed loved her son so, that she would send him down the Nile and trust God that he would be safe.  Moses went into the hand of the enemy.  Unbeknownst to Pharaoh, his own daughter raised a Hebrew boy in his home. God will present a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

Motivated by faith, Jochebed was not overawed or terrified by the king’s decree   (Hebrews 11:23). She was a woman of vision and a woman of the Word. She knew the nation was being destroy. However, she made a small ark. It is absolutely amazing that God used water a few times in scripture to save: The word ark is only used for Noah’s Ark and here Jochebed took an ark of bulrushes. My summation is that Jochebed was a vessel used by God. She took advantage of the nursing months to impart in her son. I believed she prayed for him that he would come to know his heritage and destiny. She spoke over his life. We know the story how Moses grew up and was the vessel God used to bring the Israelites out of bondage.  The book of Exodus means exit. The theme is redemption, but to get the full story you have to read all the way to Joshua.

We are to save the promise. The promise is our children. We must speak life into them while they are babes and throughout their life. Is important to tell your babies they are kings and queens. As they mature in society remind them according to the promise, they are destine to sit in high places; it’s a promise from God. I once heard the lyrics to a song “Stand by your man,” It is just as important to stand by your children. Teach them of God and to fear the Lord. By doing this, they will understand boundaries. Their eyes will be open to the many traps of the enemy, enabling them to walk safely in the blessings of God.

Scripture Read

  • Exodus 6:18
  • Hebrew 11:23


  1. They basically told Pharaoh that the Hebrew women were different from the Egyptians women. This is so true Pastor, when we become Daughters of Zion there’s a light around us His Glory. I may not yet be a mother but as a women of God there’s wisdom in me and every time I’m around my nephews & nieces I tell them about the goodness of God. and the pic’s are outstanding!!!!

  2. You know what I like in here…. The more they were aflicted the more the prospered. The devil cannot stop us. The more he tries, the more God blesses. We have to stay faithful… I love this story!

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