Mary, Martha’s Sister Part II

Women of Faith, we are at day-9. Has your stomach shrunk, has your desire for sweets and red meat subsided? If not, hang in there it will. Friday night’s prayer was awesome! It was the beginning of the breaking up of fallow ground. Great and awesome things are happening in the atmosphere. We are victorious!

We read about Mary a few days ago. Luke 7: 37-50 illustrates some truths about Mary that Matthew and John didn’t mentioned, typical of the synopses due to the writing styles. Luke has a way of bringing out aspects and incidents that the other Gospels don’t record.

Some confuse the two Marys’; Mary of Nain Marths’s sister, and Mary Magdalene. However, this lesson is about Mary Martha’s sister of Nain. We previously spoke about her.

The writer Luke says Mary was a wicked sinner; however, it doesn’t say she was a harlot (as some scholars refers to Mary Magdalene). Luke tells us that she came in and greeted Jesus with a kiss to welcome Him. In doing so, she got Thomas’s attention and he wanted to know if Jesus knew who she really was; a sinner. Thomas was looking at Mary in her current state. Conversely, He and Jesus were just in a conversation about a parable, and Thomas had correctly answered the questioned about forgiving the creditors. In the interim, Mary proceeded to do what Thomas failed to do. Jesus saw Mary’s potential. Saints, be careful not to judge anyone before their time. After Thomas’s approach toward Mary, Jesus responded in suggesting his lack of manners and hospitality.

Mary welcomed Jesus with a kiss and never stopped worshiping him. It is interesting that Mary did what was customary in the coronation of kings; they would anoint one another with oil mixed with fragrance—costly spices. Mary freely anointed him, by refreshing his head with oil after a long journey (21 miles). He had previously preached the good news to multitudes with all manners of diseases. She washed his tired feet with her tears. Foot washing was customary to clean ones feet of dry dusty soil, basins were always kept on hand. Kissing to greet a person was homage.

As we read a couple of days ago, Jesus told Mary that because of worship, her sins were forgiven and to go in peace. After this amazing act of faith, we don’t hear anything else about Mary. It is noteworthy to mention that the eyes of her heart were open allowing her to see Jesus in the spirit. She saw Jesus high and lifted up.  Many have said that women are emotional creatures. Although that is a generalization, I will concede. Why, because we do know how to pour out on Jesus. Mary didn’t just come to anoint Jesus, the Bible says she was a wicked sinner. Therefore, she desperately needed healing and forgiveness for her sins,  and what better way, but to pour out on Jesus.

Our tears become our healing ointment. They become the ointment that breaks through the hymen of our heart to  make us whole. Thereby, we are able to go in peace. Worship and prayer is so powerful.  God’s revelation allows us to conceive and comprehend this, which releases the desire to worship at His feet.

I pray we adorn ourselves with the garments of worship. Let us go into the presence of the king during and after consecration. Today, I bind the strongman that would try to hinder and overwhelm us with issues of the day. I command the enemy to loose his hold off our mind–we will not lose ground, nor be distracted, but will come to the meeting place with Jesus. Touching and agreeing in spiritual realms breaks the iron and shatter the brass of the enemy. Our prayer is above principalities, against rulers of darkness, powers, and wickedness in high places. We will anoint ourselves daily. God covers us in the blood so the enemy cannot enter. I Can’t wait until the next prayer. See you there! Amen.



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