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Daughters of Zelophehad

To understand what is going on with the daughters of Zelophehad, lets  cover some history that will bring us into our story of the day.

Number 27 , chapter 25, 26 tells us that the Israelites were just about to go into the promise land. It was about forty years of wilderness. Consequently, in these chapters many died. God placed a plague upon them because of their sexual immoralities. Moreover, their unbelief prevented them from seeing the promise land.

Baal of Peor invited the people of God to worship Baal and they accepted, they sent Midianite and Moabite woman to seduce the men. The Israelites began to have sex orgies with the prostitutes of Baal. Consequently, God sentenced death–a plague on all who were joined in Baalpeor. Nonetheless, this demon was so bold that a prince of Israel brought a Midianitish woman through the congregation and in the sight of Moses while the congregation was weeping at the door of the Tabernacle. Phinehas saw this and followed the Israelite and prostitute to his tent. He took a javelin in his hand and thrust it into the prince. The javelin went through her belly as well and both were killed in the act of sin. Numbers 25:7

Lets go a little deeper. Balaam could not curse the Israelites so he taught Balac to cast stumbling blocks before the children of Israel. The plot was to get the leaders to sin and the others would follow. One thousand leaders were fully converted to Baal. This was Baal’s only way to get the people to turn their backs on God so that God would curse them.

Revelations 2:14 -15 talks about the doctrine of Balaam (Nicolaitans) and legalism, which is the same spirit that we are experiencing in the kingdom of God today. All the people from the age of 20 and up had died because of unbelief. Caleb, Joshua, and Moses were the only ones left from the older generation.

The devil will always show up when you are on the brink of a blessing.

Now that we have some history we can move onto our story. Still in the plains of Moab, across the Jordan from Jericho (across from the promise land), after the tribes were numbered to receive proper inheritance, the daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses to inquire about inheritance for families who had no sons. The five daughters of the tribe of Manasseh were:

  • Mahlah– “Sickness or “Disease”
  • Noah — “Rest”, or “Comfort”
  • Hoglah–“Partridege” or “Boxer”
  • Milcah– “Queen’ or “Counsel”
  • Tirzah — “Pleasantness.”

Their father had died [of his own sins, not the worship to Baal], and these women had no brothers to claim any land. They were woman of faith did was absolutely unheard of. These daughters were of the new generation.  Although women were property and could be sold or traded,  with boldness, they made their request.

The daughters of Zelophehand went to Moses and pleaded for their portion. They knew the allocations of the land were to be given to male heads of the family. It wasn’t their fault their father had died and they had no brothers. They loved their father and made their request to carry out the Zeolphenad name in Israel–this was their inheritance.

Moses, hadn’t dealt with this before–women speaking up for what rightfully belonged to them. He believed they had a good point, so he consulted the Lord on which way to move. The Lord tells Moses that the woman are right and to give them their father’s inheritance. Because of these daughters,  laws were established for daughters with no brother, son, or father.

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