Contest will run from the January 22nd through the January 27th. Note: You must already be registered for the January 30th Workshop to participant in contest. Deadline to register for contest is January 27th 12:00 pm EST. Important: This deadline is only for contest participants. All attending and do not wish to participate in contest can register at any time. ($15.00 now through January 29th/ $20 on day of the event – Sunday evening Service is Free!)

Most of the questions are Bible based and has to do with the Women of Faith mentioned during our 21-days of posting.


You will need to do research on the history for some. Of course you may use the Bible and commentary; however, be careful with commentary, it is the writers’ opinion. You can also use the Internet.


Prizes will be given for the first five to respond with the correct answers. 

 Submitting Answers for Contest Questions

Submit your answers for contest via email to . Submit your answers by numbering each – Make sure the answer matches the question number. Example: 1- a).  Enter your name as well. Once you submit for your answers, the email will indicated the time of response. Please no suggesting of two answers for one question.  Two answers cannot be accepted–that answer will be determined incorrect.   Note: Only one (1) submission per person – You cannot answer questions in part. the first comment with answers will be accepted per person.  


  • Can I participate if I did not purchase a ticket or register for workshop? No, unfortunately, only those who purchased ticket or registered for event can participate.
  • If I am not able to come, but purchased a ticket, or registered someone else, can I take part in the contest?Yes, make sure you indicate whom you purchased the ticket or registered for. 
  • I will be attending the Sunday Evening Service but not able to attend Saturday’s Workshop, can I take part in contest? Only those who are registered for Workshop can participate in the contest.
  • How do I submit my response for contest? All responses/answers must be emailed in one email to enter your name and if you are a registrants for January 30th Workshop.
  • When will I know the results, or if I am a winner? The winners will be announced at the workshop on January 30th and posted on Victory Awaits Saturday evening January 30th
  • If I am not able to register until after the contest, but definitely attending, can I take part in the contest? As long as have registered by January 27th, you will be eligible for a gift if you are a winner. 
  • Can I answer some of the questions in part? You are only allowed to submit your answers once. Only the first comment with answers is accepted for each person.
  • How do I register?  Go to front page and look on side panel for Events Page. All of the information is there. Go back to front page and look for Donations/Registration– click on button to pay for registration.




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