Day -14 Women of Faith-Contest Questions

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Women of Faith Women’s Encounter CONTEST

 Bible Questions – Which answer is correct

 Note: give the number for question and only the correct alpha for each question.   Example: 1 – (a

1.       In the book of Daniel, what does the image of gold, silver, brass, iron, and clay depict, as seen by King Nebuchadnezzar in a dream?

  • a)     The wealth of Babylon
  • b)     The hierarchy of the Kingdom
  • c)     Cosmopolitan Babylonian Kingdom
  • d)     Consecutive World Empire

 2.       Simeon, Issachar, Dinah. How are these three related?

  • a)     False gods
  • b)     Children of Jacob
  • c)     Children of Benjamin
  • d)     Messengers of the Lord

 3.       Hagar, Mary mother of Jesus, Manoah’s wife. What do these three Bible women have in common?

  • a)      All had sons predicted by a king
  • b)      All had sons predicted by a prophet
  • c)      All had sons predicted by Scripture
  • d)      All had sons predicted by an angel

 4.       Hezekiah, Josiah, Rehoboam. How are these three men the same?

  • a)      Prophets
  • b)      Kings
  • c)       Priest
  • d)      Angels

 5.       David, Moses, Asaph. What do these Old Testament men have in common?

  • a)      Leaders of Israel
  • b)      Authors of Psalms
  • c)      Died by fire
  • d)      Never married

 6.        What is the last color mentioned in the Bible?

  • a)      White
  • b)      Blue
  • c)      Gold
  • d)      Scarlet

 7.       How many fish did Peter catch during the miracle performed after Jesus’ resurrection according to John?

  • a)      531
  • b)      135
  • c)      513
  • d)      153

8.       Who, with the help of his followers, made the first complete translation of the New Testament into English?

  • a)      Luther
  • b)      Scofield
  • c)      Coverdale
  • d)      Wycliffe    

 9.       The Feast had already begun in Bethany. On approximately what day of the Feast did Jesus arrive at Simon’s the Leper’s house?

  • a)      Between the  5th and 6th
  • b)      Between the 1st and 2nd
  • c)      Between the 4th and 3rd
  • d)      Between the 6th and 7th

 10.   David received word that Abigail’s husband had died, what did David do?

  • a)      David blessed the Lord that He had pleaded his cause and went to Carmel to  commune with Abigail and took her as his wife
  • b)      David blessed the Lord that the He had pleaded his cause and sent handmaidens to Carmel to commune with Abigail as she bereaved over her husband
  • c)       David blessed the Lord that He pleaded his cause and sent servants to Carmel to commune with Abigail to take her as his wife
  • d)      David rose that morning and took servants with him to Carmel and took Abigail as his wife

 11.   What did Naaman have with him when he arrived at Elisha’s front door before he dipped in the Jordan?

  • a)      A candle and oil
  • b)      Two mules and horses
  • c)      Horses and chariots
  • d)      Two mules and oil

 12.   Moses what adopted by an Egyptian women, daughter of Pharaoh, what was her name?

  • a)      Shiphrah
  • b)      Thermuthis
  • c)      Puah
  • d)      Zipporah

 13.   Dinah was about 14 or 15 went she went looking for the daughters of the land and was violated. What two brothers took revenge?

  • a)      Simeon & Hamor
  • b)      Levi & Dan
  • c)      Levi & Gad
  • d)      Simeon & Levi

14.   In what year was the King James version of the Bible first published?

  • a)     1610
  • b)     1611
  • d)     1642
  • d)     1666

15.  The daughters of Zelophehad are from the tribe of?

  • a)      Tribe of Manasseh
  • b)      Tribe of Benjamin
  • c)      Tribe of Judah
  • d)      Tribe of Issachar

16.  How many barren women are found the Bible?

  • a)      five
  • b)      seven
  • c)      three
  • d)      four

      17. According to Zondervan, of the following translations, which requires the lowest reading level to  understand?

  • a)      New King James Version
  • b)      King James Version
  • c)      New International Reader Version
  • d)      New American Standard Bible


 Facts about the human body – Which statement is incorrect

 18. Which statement is false about the human tongue?

  • a)      Has over 10,000 taste buds
  • b)      Is unique like a finger print
  • c)      Can distinguish the difference taste bitter & sweet
  • d)      Tongue piercing is an ancient cultural practice, dates back before recorded history

 19. Which statement is false about the human eye?

  • a)      The study of the iris of the eye is called iridology
  • b)      It is possible to sneeze with your eyes open
  • c)      Men are able to read fine print better than women
  • d)      Babies’ eyes do not produce tears until the baby is approximately six to eight weeks old 

 20. Which statement is false about the human body?

  • a)      The aorta, which is the smallest artery located in the body, is about the diameter of a    garden hose
  • b)      Every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced
  • c)      The sensitivity of a woman’s middle finger is reduced during menstruation
  • d)      The slowest growing finger nail is on the thumb nail and the fastest growing is the finger nail on the middle finger