Day-19 Ruth – Part II – See part I

 Part II ` Ruth and the Salvation of God

Ruth and Orpah both made the same decision to go with Naomi.  Both widows arrived in Bethlehem and in their poverty and took up their abode somewhere in town. On the contrary, not long after, Orpah went back to Moab, back to the demon gods of her people, back to her old way of life, and back to a lost eternity.

But let us look at Ruth who made her chose to stay with Naomi. The book of Ruth delineates how Naomi made her request for Ruth to glean in the harvest field behind the reapers. All that she gleaned she could have–the grain would be hers. Acquiescent to Naomi, she did as such. Ruth went her way through the village in the dawn’s early light. While standing in the harvest fields, wondering which way to turn, she chooses a portion of the field that belonged to Boaz. The didactic story of Ruth reveals God’s overruling sovereignty still at work to bring this seeking soul to the Saviour.  while gleaning the fields Ruth met Boaz. He spoke kindly to her, welcomed her into his field, provided for her thirst and gave to her of his bounty.

The first day of gleaning, Ruth arrived home with the great pile of grain Boaz had given her. Naomi had seen gleaners many times in her life, but she had never known them to come home with an amount like that. Thereafter, Naomi asked what is his name, and Ruth says, “His name is Boaz. Naomi–a woman of God, received revelation– the light dawned on her; she saw what the next step should be. “He is a near kinsman,” she told Ruth. “He is the one person in the world who can redeem you and put you into the family of God. You must go to him. Put yourself at his feet. Ask him to redeem you. Ask him to marry you. Ask him to make you his own.” Ruth made no excuses and did just that.

In closing, the safest place to be is the will of God. He will direct us and bring us into a wealthy place.  He is the God that takes nothing and redeems it to something.

Orpah remained lost in dark pagan Moab, while Ruth married a prince of the house of Juda. She became a joint-heir with her redeemer, and dwelled with him in bliss.

This story of Ruth can be repeated in the life of any lost child of Adam’s ruined race who will come in repentance and faith to the Redeemer.

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