A Spiritual Makeover

The most difficult thing for women in pain to do is to remove the mask and reveal whom they are or what they are going through. I am convinced that many Christian women manage and operate with two-faces while functioning in their day-to-day lives. They have mastered the art of covering up pain while exhausting every effort to keep the real person in seclusion. I am also convinced that the spirit of depression and schizophrenia is prevalent among Christian women and can be seen in the Kingdom of God.

Conversely, the joy of the Lord must rise up within us–it is our strength. We have heard that nothing is too hard for God. However, if we don’t believe the scriptures, then it is only a colloquialism and or cliché that has no power. We must believe with our heart that depression is not our portion and it has no place in the Kingdom of God. This spirit must be loosed off God’s people and cast out of the region.

God does allow tests and tribulations as he did with Job. Furthermore, if we are servants of the most high God, the devil must get permission from God to temp and or inflict, but like Job, we have already been established victorious. Therefore, God allows the attack, which gives you your own testimony. Remember, the greater the test, the greater the testimony.

God does want to bless us. Mark 10:29 talks about the blessings in this day. You are in line for a spiritual makeover. Quintessentially, we pretend we have it all together–no problems–no issues. There is no need for the charade. Everyone, at some point in his or her life has experienced things that he or she wished was a dream.

The goal is to respond with the faith of God. In your season of testing and tribulation, worship the Lord–this is where the Glory of the Lord is revealed. Worship is not external but internal. Some attest to attending a worship services or that they have had a worship experience, but have never entered into the humbling place of submission and relationship–a spiritual experience with God. To worship God, is to allow Him to be Lord in your life. You desire and thirst to know Him for who He is and not what He can give.

Worship changes your spiritual makeup and propels you into a place of victory. You no longer pretend you have it altogether, but you allow God to bring it together. You allow Him be your source, redeemer, restorer, counselor and companion. Moreover, in Him, nothing becomes impossible and you no longer look like where you came from.

What’s more, worship brings you into a place of healing, allowing you to eventually talk about the pain. Through your experience with God, you learn and understand that you have gained stock in the Kingdom of God, you are aware that what the enemy meant of evil, God turned into good. The same tools the enemy tried to destroy you with, you use them to minister to others so they are also healed.

Your spiritual makeup allows you to be free and function in who God made you to be. Not only are you free, but you are delivered from your past and the pain. Your finest makeup could never cover up the imperfections as the Glory of God will do.
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6 thoughts on “A Spiritual Makeover

  1. wow…. Just wondered to see your work…..
    very rich and qualityful…..

    visit mine and plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch with yours…..

  2. Awesome word, Pastor Tarran. Women do bear this burden, especially women in ministry leadership. If we can’t be real, how can we be healed?

  3. Well put Pastor Tarran,

    You always seem to encourage the heart of others…even if it’s just your smile but I cant wait to read your upcoming book!

    Everyday I work towards being completely healed and your blogs help in a tremendous way!!

    Thank you for letting God use you! 🙂

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