Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong: Victim No More- 7-Healing Prescriptions

FIND THE HEALING PRESCRIPTIONS through prayer and declaration. Methodically broken down, the healing process takes new shape as it illustrates how God heals in the bleakest of situations.

From Victim to victor, author Tarran Carter overcame the enemy. shirking clinical and medial terms, this pastor speaks with great knowledge–simplistically and from the heart she talks about her experiences and journey back to health.  The Lord gave her a strategic plan to take back her family and the kingdom, and she is still using it to this day.  She wants to share with you the tools for restoration.

Today many abuse cases are not reported. Victim No More encourages those emotional instabilities caused by sexual abuse. It speaks directly to those who are throttled in pain and have never talked or are afraid to deal with mixed emotions due to abuse.




3 thoughts on “Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong: Victim No More- 7-Healing Prescriptions

  1. I so agree with this post:
    By the time my Mother found about the abuse it was to late damage was done to great existence, it took years to recover what had been done to me…It took Jesus,
    I believe this book will help a lot of men and women who have been abuse and never talk about it… I encourage you to Read Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong this may not be you it may be some one you know. I thank God that He allow this story to be told…

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