Still In Love

Still in love and the fire still burns.

The question has been, “After several years of marriage, will I ever feel butterflies in my stomach again?” The butterflies may have ceased, however, you can experience the passion of love as you once did when you first fell in love with your husband. The pulse of love can echo in the atmosphere as your heart is overwhelmed with bliss.

Still in love with each other, however, my husband proposed to me again after 27-years of marriage. We went on a date and as we drove to our destination, he played our wedding song that I proposed to him 27 years ago and the song he proposed to me “A Ribbon In The Sky.” see below.

Unbeknownst to me, we were on or way to the first apartment we lived in; Flushing, NY.  As romantic as he is…he pulled up in front of the building.  He then got out of the car and asked me to come with him.  He took my hand and kneeled on one knee in front of the building. While pulling out the ring box and putting bling–bling on my finger, he said, “I love you Tee.”

As many watched, I was in awe…totally not prepared, I said, “Yes baby, I’ll do it all again.” Sanford Avenue was our old stomping ground and many were out on the street that late afternoon. Several stopped to witness two people redo their vows. My husband was so proud and happy that he began to tell everyone who could hear that we have been married for 27 years. As the evening progressed, it was as though we had fallen in love again.

God knows how to do it. Our love has gone to a whole new level. The days of tackling me as though he was on the football field are here to stay.  Have there been trials? Yes, but the devil failed. What God put together, can’t no man — no woman put under.  My prayers have been my strength.  What I have witnessed is efficacious grace.

Antiquated prayers have no power, but through the Holy Spirit, your prayers are directed to know what areas in your marriage to pray for.

I have received many request to pray for marriages.  My claim to victory is faith in God. Once you believe that through relationship with God, it is already a fixed fight.  Voodoo, hex, or any spell cannot usurp or superimpose the power of God.  If you believe with your mind and heart, the devil has to release your husband.  Every curse and hex is broken and miracles are released in the atmosphere.

My prayer is for every marriage to prosper.  We are living in an era that our young women today are not concerned about just getting the sex, but the mission is stealing the heart. A unscrupules mindset concerning the conquer of a married man is acceptable. This is why so many men can walk away from their marriages and family to start a new relationship. It’s deeper than the sex…it’s about conquer and command.

Well, I am here to tell you, with God and His power that He has bestowed in you, it cannot work. Be led by the Holy Spirit my friend, and it will lead you into all truth and give guidance on your next step to overcome the enemy’s egregious plot and attack.  God has ordained marriage. It was the first governmental estate and system; therefore, God is with you and will not abandon His promise or abort His mission.

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2 thoughts on “Still In Love

  1. Wow!!!
    Yes He dose know how to do it` this love felt story and fact brought tears to my eyes how wonderful marriage can be with God in it. I seen the bling“lol.
    I am thankful that the single and married women of Zion in PPM are thought how to be a wife in Christ and being prepared to be a wife, so one day we will have a story and fact to tell of are own… and if any of you blessed married Daughters have a story of your own please share it is encouraging because the world has made it seem like there no love storys.

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