My Footsteps Are Guided By The Lord

When God exposes you to something, He leads you toward it.

My trip to London was nothing more than delectable. I attended CEO, Dionne Lamont’s first fashion show (PharezNow Design), Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Piccadilly Circus, and other well-known historical sites. I rode the tub (first class) and ate some good Italian food.

All of you coffee lovers, McDonald’s white coffee was pretty good. I actually survived without drinking a tall Starbucks’ coffee.

After some British 101, I am cognizant not to say pants, unless I mean panties. I am also aware that suspenders make reference to the straps/clamps that hold up a women’s garter.

When God exposes you to such grander, He leads you. My trip was awesome. I visited Pastor Dionne Lamont’s church, and after, I had a home cooked meal. From Zürich Switzerland, I flew business class back to New York. I thought, “This is the way to do it.” I reclined into my bed after eating my hors d’oeuvre, main course, chocolate moose, ice cream, and swiss chocolate.

The new testament Paul said he became all things that he may minister to people from different regions and ethnicities.

Although my trip was pleasurable, it was educational as well. Example, the list of parallels between New York and London has always been long. Some say the two have more in common than any other international cities on the planet, making them both allies and, increasingly, competitors in the global economy.

In the past few years, both have been terrorist targets, competed for the 2012 Olympics (London won), and passed smoking bans for bars, pubs, and restaurants. London’s ban, which is modeled after New York’s, is scheduled to go.

Academics, financial analysts, restaurateurs, art gallery owners, architects, and people who’ve lived in both cities say while London is still blatantly British in personality, its finance, restaurant, and art industries look more like New York’s now than they did five to 10 years. Other parallels:

  • Gherkin Building – architect, Lord Norman Foster. London
  • Hearst Building – architect, Lord Norman Foster. New York
  • Tate Modern to receive 397 million for expansion
  • Museum of Modern Art just underwent 425 million renovation
  • Population 7.43 million – London
  • Population 8 million – New York
  • Terrorist attack July 7 2005 London underground.
  • Terrorist attack September 11 2001 World Trade Center
  • The Tube
  • The Subway. Compatible hours

Well, I am scheduled to teach back in the UK, January 2011, for a leadership conference. I am honored and looking forward to it. I already have a special love for London and have decided that Paris will be my next stop. I am excited that my hubby and I will be taking this trip together. God does guide your footsteps. He is my source, He is my compass…He is Lord!





5 thoughts on “My Footsteps Are Guided By The Lord

  1. Glad you had this opportunity. What a blessing! I loved London when I went back in 2001. I was there for about a month and had the pleasure of visiting a lot of the same sights.

  2. Wow that sounds great. I can’t wait to go hopefully in the summer and experience London. I am very excited and proud of you Pastor Tarran. You are being used mightily.


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