What Are The Requirements For Godparents?

After archaic traditions and beliefs of godparents, I do have questions:

  • Should there be a trepidation to choose the correct person to god parent your children?
  • How many godchildren have a relationship with their godparent?
  • What are the characteristics of godparents?
  • What is the purpose for godparents?

Antiquated thinking is still the mindset concerning the purpose and characteristics of godparents.

When choosing godparents, there is much to consider: The godparents don’t necessarily need to be your best friend, nor the person that is most likely to buy the most gifts and clothes. On the contrary, the godparents should have a sound mind and able to give spiritually guidance to your son/daughter. Psalms 1. The concern should be the relationship between the godparents and children. Example: Will the godparents lead and guide in a Christ like manner? If something should happen to you, will they willing be responsible to assist where ever needed in regards to the children?

Godparents must lead by example, they should never let the children see them do anything that they don’t want  them to do. They should have the child’s best interest and respect the beliefs and vision of the family.

These questions do provoke thought and they should.  Parenting is spiritual.  Let God lead and guide you.


April 2010


A year later  April 2011


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