The Prophetic Flow In Leadership


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The prophetic flow in leadership propels you far past the norm. It is an anointing that allows your hands to operate and receive in the prophetic flow..whatever you touch is blessed [turns into prophetic gold].

An honourable ambition is honorable. This ambition is not for self-glory or narcissistic character. It is an ambitions that is contingent on the will of God and the services to God.
Such anointing, as you lead, you achieve–it is to go far above what you could think or ask. It is a higher thinking.

This anointing propels you to places that are destined for your life. It opens portals of blessings–divine connections. You roam where the kings roam. It indeed, gives you power to get wealth. Moreover, it squelches procrastination and binds the limbo demon, the hybrid demon. Again, this anointing leads you beyond hope to faith. Remember Abraham, he believed beyond hope for the covenant blessing.

Should you then seek great things for yourself.. (Jeremiah 45:5) Most Christians have reservations about aspiring to leadership. Has not ambition caused the downfall of numerous, otherwise great leaders in the church! These are people who fell victim to authoritative ambition.

Shakespeare expressed a profound truth when his character Wolsey said to him the English general ” Cromwell, I charge thee, fling away ambition, By that sin fell the angels – how can a man then, The image of his maker, hope to profit”

No doubt ,Christians must resist a certain kind of ambition and rid it from their life. But also acknowledge that other ambitions are noble and honourable. God never taught against the urge to a high achiever, but He did expose and condemn uncouth motivation. Ambition which centers on the glory of God and welfare of the church is a mighty force for good.

The word Ambition comes from the Latin word meaning ‘Champaign for promotion” – It suggesting a variety of elements:

  • Social Viability
  • Approval
  • Popularity
  • Peer Recognition
  • The exercise of Authority
  • Over others

This is why we understand that ambition is not always vision. Ambitious people in this sense enjoy power that comes with money, prestige, and authority. Jesus had no time for such ego driven ambition. The true spiritual believer will never “campaign for promotion.”
However, they will aspire to lead like Moses, Paul, Joseph…

Leaders always pray and have vision…for without a vision the people perish. Prayer is essential and paramount to hear the voice of the Lord concerning every decision.

Leaders do not procrastinate – procrastination is the thief of time. It is one of the devil’s most potent weapon of defrauding us of eternal heritage. The habit of putting things off is fatal in leadership. We do have the power to come to grips with what is important. God will give organizational skills.

Leaders Read 1 Timothy 4:13 “till I come give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.” Reading maketh a full man; Speaking, a readily man, witting an exact manner. Spiritual leaders of every generation will have a consuming passion to know the Word of God through diligent study and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. A man is known by the company he keeps, also his character, is reflected in the books he reads. A leaders reading is the outward expression of his inner aspirations. A Leader should immerse himself in books that equipped him for higher service and leadership in the kingdom of God. By reading we learn. By meditating in the themes of our reading we pluck fruit from the trees of the book and add nourishment to our mind and our ministry. Unless our reading includes serious thinking it is waited time.

Master the books you read. When you read, three-readings will pour substance and the book will then make a solid imprint in your memory:  3-steps

  1. reading should be a rapid pace
  2. then read again and take notes
  3. last reading should be a rapid reading

Great leaders are measured in part by time–each minute is a gift from God. Minutes and hours that are used translate into abundant life. Leisure is a glorious opportunity and a subtle danger. A discretionar hour can be wisely invested or foolishly waisted. Hours and days will surely pass but we can direct the purpose and productivity. Moses knew time was valuable and prayed to be taught to measure his days, not by years Psalms 90:12. If we are careful about days, the years will take care of themselves.

One last point, leaders listen… listen to the entire comment or remark, before you respond.


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