Children See…Children Do

Raise them in the way they should go…

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2 thoughts on “Children See…Children Do

  1. What I don’t understand is why people have such a hard time understanding that a small amount of corruption isn’t considered “okay”. I’ll give you an example.

    Youtube is a hotspot for preteens and teens. Even though the website tries to censor porn, they are very liberal. You can find any reference to corruption that you want to know about. Idolatry has become an epidemic on this website, filled with people yearning to become famous. They will do about anything to get attention and often do. Who views these videos? Tabby Ridiman is a local lowlife who started having sex in her early teens, had a baby at 14, tries to avoid any publicity about it, yet has a cult following on Youtube uploading “cool” videos for preteens and teens to watch. She’s very trashy looking and reminds me of one of those “hoes” that posts naked webcam photos online for all to see. Coincidentally, her videos got very popular on 4chan, which she personally ackowledges. That websites is a magnet for child predators, child porn videos, and “jailbait” videos that encourage kids to be naked on camera. This is the kind of lifestyle that Tabby’s mother encourages. And by connected our kids directly with Tabby’s life, we are failing our kids. They will follow her ways. The same thing happened with Madonna in the 80s. She was trash on tv. Yet, parents not only encouraged their kids to idolize her, but many moms loved her too. She was a promiscuous slut before and during her celeb days. Now we are seeing a whole different “method” of this kind of corruption. They use “wholesome” exploitation of children.

    I have three kids, one which is a 11 year old girl. She has been very prone to admiring these trashy internet celebs, as well as mainstream garbage. I am not very conservative. But the disturbing changes in our society in the past 10 years has made me rethink my beliefs. Children are being failed miserably. Their attitudes and overall mentality is so ugly to me. Yet kids are more beautiful on the outside than they were when I was a kid. Never judge a book by its cover. All their inner beauty has been replaced by outer.

    Its irrelevant to who or what is behind the big conspiracy to ruin our children for profit. The bottom line is what are parents doing about it. I know that parents are busier than ever because of the failed economy and depression created by the last presidency. But there is no excuse for not protecting your children. The paths to corruption are encouraged by mainstream thinking, so it is a “norm” to become corrupted. This is why many parents are foolish enough to not know any better. But I do know better and I’d like to think its not rocket science to become informed.

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