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Are you planning for your wedding?

Get Ready-Get Read-Ladies

June followed by August is the most active month for weddings. In reviewing the report from The National Associations of Wedding Ministers-Wedding Statistics, I am glad to see that the Church still rates as one of the highest in percent of where most weddings are held. My retort is  because marriage was the first institution that God established–it is spiritual. Moreover, destination weddings have become the choice location. Although Las Vegas is reported to have 100,000 weddings yearly and Hawaii 25,000 yearly, the Caribbean at 34 percent seems to be the place for a blissful ceremony. As far as the states, Hawaii comes in at 33 percent yearly, which is slightly higher than the Bahamas at 20 percent.

Even if you don’t have a proposal in the wings, but your desire is to get married, prepare for it (spiritually and financially). It’s okay to look at dresses and it is okay to know what you want.

In the interim, don’t settle, and don’t give away your pearls–that’s you–your being. He must first qualify for such beauty and value.  Too many times we never become the bride, but continue in a deadened relationship as the peradventure girlfriend–do not move too fast. Ladies, you give your hear, but that does not mean he loves you. Just because he bought you roses or told you he loves you, doesn’t mean he loves you or has the capacity to be your husband.  He can have sex and still not be emotionally attached.

Numbers are high; there are women who have never experienced a mere moment of conversation after sex. And that’s all she wants is conversation. Instead, he turned over, picked up the cell, got dressed and left. What’s that all about?  You gave your heart, you made it intimate, and you called it love. In his heart–he never did.

Statistics do show the ratio of women to men. That is the general and fundamental facts, However, God has truth and promise for you. It is imperative, you walk upright, obtain certitude, and be of an undubious spirit. Hellacious faith must kick in, without wavering, know that God promised in his Word that He would not withhold any good thing from you.  (Psalms 84:11) He also says, that He would rather you marry than be consumed with internal fire because of passion. (1 Corinthians 7:9)

What does this mean, seek the Lords for guidance, prepare to be the wife, heal from all previous baggage, walk in love and righteousness. Remember, if you don’t get healed from past relationship, you still bring all of your past relationship to bed with you… they are between your sheets.

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