A Remote Control Designed For Women (Wife)

What do you do when he wont let you handle it?  Do you hit the mute or pause button?

Is there such a remote design just for women (the wife)?
My cable TV server (Verizon) went blank and displayed an error message “no connection to server” I made the mistake of mentioning it to my husband. Without hesitation, he actually got up and called them. Because It was late, I suggest that I handle it so he could get some sleep.

I was on hold with Verizon, so you could imagine how long I had to listen to music before I was able to speak with a representative. Finally, a Verizon representative comes to the phone and begins to take me through all of the troubleshooting steps–unplug the cable cord; touch the cable tip with my finger; unplug the connection, switch boxes from another room. Now while I had the phone to my right ear and was listening to the representative, my husband is also instructing me in my left ear. Ladies. please tell me what was he thinking while I was speaking to Verizon. I can only conclude that his thoughts went something like this, “She doesn’t have a clue; what is my wife doing; she really doesn’t know anything about electronics; let me do this so we can get this cable working.”

After all the unplugging, and switching boxes, still, no connection. Verizons dignoses was that it could be a bad box, or cable cord. Okay, I could deal with that, “I’ll just handle it in the morning” I thought. But no– my husband gets up and he is on a mission. He starts unplugging the cable and power cords; rearranging the cords, and even switches the boxes. After a couple of hours, still, no connection. Finally, he decides that it can be handled in the morning.

Guess what…the cable starts working early in the morning. Now he is tired, and I am tired.

Last night, did I needed a customized remote so I could push some buttons….?  Or, should I answer my own question, just let him handle it?


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2 thoughts on “A Remote Control Designed For Women (Wife)

  1. Great post, glad I stopped by. btw, the remote is an extension of the “man cave” save your self some headache, go back to sleep and let him deal with it…in the end you’ll be glad you did.

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