No Cellphone Service Alert! – What will we resort or revert to?

Do you Remember the telephone booths–depositing coins in the coin-slot for each call? Don’t forget, you had to have coins on hand should you run out of minutes. The first coin-operated public phone was installed at the Hartford Bank in Connecticut by the Southern New England Telephone Company in 1889.

And what about the rotary  dial. It had lugs on a finger plate instead of holes. A patent was filed on August 20, 1896 by A. E. Keith and the brothers John and Charles Erickson. The modern version of the rotary dial with holes was first introduced in 1904, but only entered service in the Bell System  in 1919. The rotary dial was gradually supplanted by Touch Tone dialing, introduced at the 1962 World’s Fair, which uses a keypad instead of a dial.

Unequivocal, things are changing in a flash and time is fleeting. On April 3, 1973, at a public demonstration, using a heavy 30-ounce cellphone, Martin Cooper placed the first cell phone call to his rival at AT&T Bell Labs from the streets of New York. Much has changed since the first cellphone. The onus for some is to keep up with the latest bells and whistles of this handheld device. Consequently, the cellphone has become a major source for communication. Texting is replacing voice mailbox messages and in some cases, an actual one on-one call.
Is landline phones becoming obsolete? It is reported that more than 65 million Americans now live in households without landline phones. Some predict US landlines will have been disconnected by 2005. Around 25% of homes have cut the cord already, and around 10% are canceling the service annually–some 700,000 disconnections a month. There is a growing confidence in the availability and reliability of cellphone services.

Can you imagine not being able to use your cellphone for a period? Before the cellphones were popular, the focus was time and place–the best time to call, and what was the specified location to make contact. It seemed to work pretty well. If you were working, you received your important calls at work, other calls, you got when you arrived home–quintessentially, there was no stress about not having a mobile calling device strapped to you.

It is interesting that my daughters can’t wrap their minds around the fact of waiting until they get home to get calls or make calls.
If they fail to charge their cells, or leave the charger at home, it is inevitable–panic mode.

What will we do if ever we could not use our cells for a period? Should we be concerned about talks and reports of solar flares and solar outbursts in 2012 or later? If there is any validity with NASA’s predictions, cellphones will be the least of our problems. In September of 1859, a corneal ejection slammed into the earth’s magnetic field, so powerful that it fried telegraph wires and lit up the sky with the Aurora Borealis seen as far south as Cuba. At that time the Earth’s magnetosphere was intact and protected the Earth from what could have been a devastating event. The sun is about to repeat this event, only this time things are different with our magnetosphere, recently NASA has confirmed that there are two large holes or areas in the Earth’s magnetosphere, confirmed by their THEMIS satellites.

When this solar event happens again as predicted by NASA, there will be a lot less protection from our magnetosphere. The end result will be a life changing event for the whole world, as we are all now comforted with the convenience of cellphones and electricity–soon to have the rug pulled from under our feet.

Regrettably, this is deeper than cellphones–all electricity and navigation systems will be nonfunctional.  It is something to think about; what will we resort or revert to?


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5 thoughts on “No Cellphone Service Alert! – What will we resort or revert to?

  1. Wow…I thought the first cell phone was around the 80’s becuase that is when I first heard of them, this is great information. So are right about panic mode when leaving phone. I forgot my cell phone home saturday morning and you should have seen me tearing the road up going back to retrieve it…

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