A Surreal Moment – Indelible Memories

I Just Love Weddings!
September 11, 2011 will be 10-years since my husband and I pulled up stakes in San Diego California and moved back to New York. Although the west coast experience has left wonderful–rich indelible memories, commissioned and committed to do the work of the Lord, we are loving the awesome experiences of ministry here in New York.

In this Journey with the Lord, it is palpable to me that when you take up the cross and follow Jesus, He will never forget your service unto Him [Mark 10:29].

God is awesome, He sets you up for success. Your work and service in ministry will not go un-noticed or forgotten. In the appointed season, He brings you before great people.

Just months ago, two of my husband’s former students from California asked him to marry them. Honored and full of joy, he accepted the request. Months later, we left the cold and arduous weather and flew back to California for the wedding.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the food was delectable. As I sat and watched the bride and groom grace the reception floor with their first wedding dance, it took me back. Wow, 27-years ago–and I am still in love with the love of my life. As they played their wedding songs, I remembered our wedding song and declaration. As my husband spoke and gave encouraging words to the couple and their love ones, I was also honored to witness a surreal moment in his life. The impact that he left while teaching these students was nothing less than hellacious.

The performance of service [teacher/coach] for these students was so great. unequivocally, it stirred the hearts of their parents so that both families insisted for the once coach carter and teacher–now pastor–marry these two people. We are responsible to make positive impressions in the life of the people we come in contact with. What we impart in children, students, family, and friends resonates for generations.

This is for you honey—

Our Wedding Song (Ribbon in the Sky)  and the song from the wedding in Calli (You Got Me).


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