Cherish The Little Ones

It still rings in my ear, “Cherish the moments while they are still young.” Mom was right–so many indelible memories. The maturation process of child development is amazing. It is the processes of becoming mature–the attainment of emotional and intellectual maturity. During these precious stages; trust; autonomy, identity,  and coordination are developed.

Now that my daughters have blossomed into beautiful roses, I miss the days of nursery rhymes, and Chunky Cheese parties. From cuddly babies, to the days of elementary and high school, I never thought I would miss such precious times.

As a pastor and speaker, I have the pleasure of speaking to parents all the time. Quintessentially, they cannot wait for their children to grow-up and become independent. Mom and dad take a moment before speaking–you can never get these days back. Shopping for school supplies, holiday gatherings, school plays, and even their questions that make you say hmmm, are indelible memories. Cherish the laughs and the “what in the world are your doing?”

Don’t take it for granted, children are precious to God and He entrust us to handle them with special care. Objectively speaking, the wisdom of God always guides us into the most effective and appropriate way to nurture and guide our children.

  • Words are important. Speak life over your children. Make positive declarations of who they are. I am not referring to who they are now, but who they will become.
  • An Antiquated belief – “Do as I say and not as I do.”  This is a no-no.  Parents are the navigation system. Children have more respect when parents lead by example. It is no longer, “do as I say.” An explanation of why they should not do it will elicit rewarding results. Kids are humans who desire to engage discourse concerning the matter or concern.
  • Encourage your children everyday. Tell them they are wonderfully and uniquely made. They have promise and destiny within them and are called with a purpose.
  • Are children bad? When I was a little girl, I heard parents declare this over their children or other children quite often. Boys and girls are not bad, maybe curious, or rebellious.
  • Remember, words are powerful. The powerful book of  James in the Bible [A book that calls for ethical lving based on the gospel] talks about this. Life and death is in the power of the tongue.
  • Discipline with the wisdom of God. Every child is different and has different personalities. God gave me a strategy for disciplining my two girls. Sending my oldest daughter to her room was not effective, she loved being in her room and reading book. However, my youngest daughter did not care much for being secluded in a room by herself. It is not favor but giving each child what they deserve.
  • Open their horizons and expose them to the world – go on vacations, whatever their dreams, get them involved with the education of their interest at an early age.
  • Teach them the importance of chores, this teaches responsibility.
  • Don’t forget about reading time. We live in the aggressive error of technology and make no mistake, our reading levels have dropped drastically. Encourage your children to read at a higher level. Find literature that will interest and challenge them.

I loved writing this post; thank God I listen to mom and didn’t take the moments for granted.  Thank you girls… this journey has been wonderful.

My God daughter at her party –


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