He Lances the Boil to Heal

I was quickened in my sleep by the Holy Spirit last night with a message. Jesus came to lance the boils in your life. It is the infected wound of pain, abuse, and sin. Arise and shine, God has allowed these depleting and onerous areas to come to the surface. Hidden pain–abuse, and sin must come to the surface for the healing to take place. Once you expose sin, or

take accountability for sin, God begins the surgical process by lancing the infected area.

You may have put your trust in psychologist, clinicians and your medical doctor, but the best surgeon ever known is Jesus Christ. His surgical instruments cannot be duplicated and they don’t leave scar tissue.

God lances the boil so the healing process will begin, and often there is discomfort–this is the anointing of God. It is your experience with God, which gives you stock in the kingdom of God. You can rejoice for the efficacy of perfect healing–no surgical scars–no residue of your past, only liberty.

Experience the healing through prayer and the strategy to overcome the devils onslaughts

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One thought on “He Lances the Boil to Heal

  1. Amen Pastor Tarran! Praise God. I woke up with the children’s song “Rise and Shine and give God the Glory, Glory” on my lips. God is always talking to us. I thank Him for the surgery He does on my heart daily. I thank God for HEALING and VICTORY!

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