Imbued with the anointing of Esther

The anointing of Esther gives you entrance into the chambers that you obtain efficacious grace–favor and blessings. It brings us before kings [hierarchy of governmental systems, rulings and policies] and doesn’t fail to bring all high things down. The enemy is subject to your spirit. This anointing gives special revelation of divine  and Kingdom strategies.

I am reminded of the days when I worked at a finance company on Long Island. I had left the company to focus on ministry. A year later I received a call and was asked by my former boss and CEO to come back and head-up their HR and training department. We agreed on my schedule and hourly wages. Not long after I was back working and doing what I love to do–training. Although we had an agreement, they failed to pay my agreed wages. The enemy did not want to loose what rightly belonged to me. His sardonic plot was to delay my appointed blessing.  God quickened my spirit to war in the spirit realm. He directed me to the anointing of Esther. After studying her position, I covered myself in prayer and asked the Lord to place upon me the anointing of Esther.

Soon after, I was released by the Holy Spirit to call the CEO and schedule an appointment. On the day of the appointment, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I made my way to his office. I noticed that the door was opened so I waited for my boss to grant me entrance. He greeted me as though I was a queen. He got up out of his high-black leather chair and walked around his cherry wood desk to extended his hand toward me. I was asked to sit next to him in one the two chairs that were appropriately placed in front of his desk.

Like a queen, I positioned myself. He ask the significant question, “what would you have me do.” This was awesome. I proceeded to inform him of the situation. Just before we finished the meeting, I had the certitude that the agreement to increase my wages would be expeditiously executed.

That was the first time I truly understood the power of the “Esther Anointing.”

The Book of Esther is a graphic narrative, which relates how God’s people were preserved from ruin during the fifth Century B.C. One of the purposes of this book and there are few, is to show how God destroys those who try to harm His people. From this, we are reminded that He s faithful to destroy Satan and that His sovereign purposes ultimately prevails.

Although Esther was given a charge. However, she gave up her right to live in order to save the nation from certain death. For this she was exalted by the King. It is important to understand that she could not go before the king unless she had clearance in the Holy Spirit, by prayer and fasting. Else, her portion would have been death (Esther 8:1-6). Although the Holy Spirit is not mentioned directly, it is His work that produced in both Esther and Mordecai the deep level of humility, leading to their mutual love and loyalty (see Romans 5:5).


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  1. Amen Pastor Tarran! I LOVE reading the Book of Esther. Truly the anointing of Esther is tremendous ! God is AWESOME!

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