What God Exposes You to He Leads You Into

My book signing at Barnes and Nobles, Manhasset NY was groundbreaking. Signs and wonders do follow the word of God. It is important to understand: nothing is happenstance with God. Many have said, it’s a coincidence, it’s luck, or it was by chance.  I beg to differ… God doesn’t operate in luck and nothing is by chance in Him. God sets up a divine appointment.  He exposes His children to great things, given each aristocratic connection and access. Moreover, once he exposes you to such grander and opulent extravagance, He then leads you to the promise as He did the children of Israel.

One of the most difficult stores to get a book appearance in is Barnes and Noble.  However, I was granted the opportunity to have my book signing there. I was asked, “who do you know?”–this is amazing.  God will set you up with great people and He will allow you to walk where the kings walk.

Don’t hesitate, but with a dubious spirit and certitude, pronounce into the atmosphere what God has promised you. Don’t be afraid of failure. God will expose you and then He will lead you.  With certitude, Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong is a best seller. It will touch the lives of many. Several women and men will be healed. It will cross many boundaries–different religions and beliefs.  God has already begun to do the work.

  • What are you believing God for?
  • What has He promised you?
  • What will you release into the atmosphere?


Call Barnes and Noble to have your copy sent to you (516) 365-6723, or visit their store in Manhasset, NY

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