The Earth Is Tilting:  Are We Living In the Last Days

My husband, pastor Leo Carter had a dream just the other day. He dreamed the earth was tilting on its axis. As the earth tilted, everything on the earth started to lean sideways–the trees and their branches, homes, etc. Was the earth coming to an end, I thought. The interesting part of this dream was that there was no mania–no trepidation, everyone went on with life as normal. Isn’t this what we are experiencing today?

According to the experts, coronal mass ejection is inevitable. Prophecy concerning end times are recorded in the bible. The book of Revelations also delineates the leading up to the  final outcome of this world.

I did ponder on this dream.  Additionally, God has been speaking. He is calling the church back to purity and righteousness. He wants to prosper His people. However, not everyone will live according to God’s ordnance.  Although God is magnified in the prosperity of His people, who will heed the call to salvation? We cannot purpose to run into sin, but rather eschew the very presence.

There is truly a blessing in serving God: He is the great I AM. He who created the universe has benefits that no business/company could ever give. God had a comprehensive plan that covers every aspect of our life.  In Him there is no lack.

This dream reminds me to stay in the presence of God. No one knows the hour or day that Jesus will return for His bride. I just know we have to be ready.  In serving Him, all signs are palpable, therefore, I we must stay alert and redeem the time. We cannot miss the mark of the High calling in Jesus Christ.

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