Sound the Trumpet in 2012

“Drawn from the pit of despair”  The message is clear, God has commissioned His people–the warriors to stand on the wall and sound the trumpet for 2012.  This year, someone will be pulled up by their bootstraps from the pit of bondage, stress, anxiety, debt, abandonment, sickness, and disobedience.

There are two things I want to simply point out in this message. Either you were thrown into a bottomless and waterless pit, or you just fell in the pit.

Like Joseph, have you ever been thrown into a pit?  Were the enemy’s onslaughts so severe that you never saw the attack or plot?  The bottomless and waterless pit that I am referring too is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  Almost impossible to escape. This is the pit that Joseph, the son of Jacob experienced.  A Footnote–these pits can still be found in Palestine. It is a pit that is designed to kill you–it is a slow death.

Lets take a journey through the epic story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. We will then understand that waiting on God is essential and contrary to what our western society is teaching us today. Not waiting on God is the nemesis of depression; the entrance of oppression, and symptom of psychosis.

Joseph was thrown into a pit by envious and bitter brothers. Because Joseph dared to dream, his brothers envied him and plotted to kill him. The enemy counted Joseph out through trials and tribulation. However, he did not have the ability to stop the plan of God.

Before the foundations of the earth, God positioned Joseph to live in one of the most prominent houses in Egypt. He was pulled from the pit and placed in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar was Pharaohs secrete agent. He gave Joseph authority to handled all his affairs while living in his home.  Potiphar’s wife, Zuleekha, a well put together woman lost self-control when she looked upon Joseph. While Joseph was living in her home, she held a dinner and invited 40 of the most beautiful Egyptian women. According to the Koran, when they saw Joseph, they said with one accord that he was an angel.  On several occasions, the unscrupulous Zuleekha tried to seduce him.  Joseph was an audacious man and a man of integrity. We know this because Zuleekha was a beautiful women and Joseph was alone with her several times, but he feared God, and refused to have her, so he fled.

Because Joseph was falsely accused of violating Potphars’s wife, the sentence should have been death. Instead, he was placed in a dungeon. The message in this story is clear–Joseph never left God.  Actually, the word of God says, that throughout his suffering, God was with him. The bible says to resist the devil.  It also says that:

“there is no temptation that is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but God will with temptation make a way of escape that you are able to bear it” (1 Corinthians 10:13 KJV).

This scripture is awesome! It exemplifies why there is no excuse to sin. God knows what we are able to bear in the flesh and will always make a way of escape in the very mist of the situation–even when your flesh is weak. The onus is on us to make an intelligent and conscious decision to flee the very appearance of sin. We have all been given the power by God to eschew sin.

For 20 years Joseph suffered, but God had positioned him to be lord over Egypt.  At the age of 39, Joseph was pulled from the dudgeon and was blessed to see his dream come into fruition. The anticlimactic ending of the devils plan was seen. Joseph believed his shall be–his dream. Although there was pain, he affirmed his sonship to God by walking in uninterrupted faith.

The climax was Joseph’s release of pain. His stentorian cry was known by Egypt. This was also the climax for his brothers and father–a release of deception and pain. God had already graced Joseph with efficacious grace and he never returned as we know back to a period of suffering, but was victorious.

That was Joseph’s story and maybe it is your story as well. You can pull yourself up through prayer and faith in God.  When Joseph was thrown into the pit, God knew that Joseph needed His assistance to be pulled out of the pit. Therefore, God made sure that there was someone to pull him out. God will do the same for us. When the angle of the Lord came to loose the chains off of Peter while he was in the jail, the angel told Peter to gird himself up so they could leave (Acts 12). This was a supernatural move of God due to the consistent prayer and faith that was exercise for Peter. There are angels to ensure that God’s plan for our lives are followed through.

Maybe your story is not exactly like Josephs’–you actually fell into the waterless pit.  Trust me, you are not alone, many have fallen into the pit of despair. Depression is palpable in the lives of our friends and family today. When we are drawn away by our lust, worlds philosophies, and ideologies, we can no longer see our way to peace and safety.  The enemy sets up the camouflage. He covers up the holes of folly. He also puts blinders on the eyes of his victims so they never see the onslaughts, legalism in our churches, and the false doctrines and prophets. Thereby, many will fall into a pit of psychosis.

It is very interesting, if we examine the battlefield of the mind and the thinking of today, many believe that God doesn’t move fast enough it seems. Think about technology–it has spoiled us.  Who can keep up with the latest technology. We tarry not to buy, only to find out in a few days, or months, what we made a fuss over is now obsolete. Who has bewitched us to think that if we don’t keep up then we are not blessed.  This is not true, it is a conundrum and also envelops psychoses.

God clearly tells us to wait and he will strengthen us. He  tells us not to get weary in well-doing.  He instructs us to be of good courage. God does not determine how blessed we are by the car we drive, or house we live in. We must not get it twisted, the earth, world, and everything that dwells in it belongs to Him. Our western culture has separated us and has made a clear distinction between what they call blessed: the upper class vs middle class, Main Street vs Wall Street, Liberal Party vs the Tea Party, etc.  But they forgot, that God has made clear distinctions and separations that will hold through the beginning and ending of time.  He has declared what is the wheat and the tear, goat and the sheep, believer and the heathen, heaven and hell.

It is important to understand that the spirit of psychosis has evaded our culture–it is so severe. It is a mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that it has lost contact with external reality. The gate of depression has allowed the person to literal fall into a pit of despair. They have forgotten their joy and reason for living. We must remind ourselves that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We can do all things that are in His will for us through God.

While standing on the wall, I must ask the question, is your dream still alive?  What have you done to activate them?

Faith and endurance is essential and paramount to overcome and live a victorious life in God.  Put on your armor—this is something we must do. Pick up the word of God.  The Lord will not put the bible in your hand, you must do this. Walk in the confidence that what God has said, He will do. Take on the spirit of certitude.

Join Me in prayer:

Lord this day, I pray for all reading this and have received this article. 2012 will be a year of blessings. Every onslaught is now bound by the spirit and power of God today. Every plot of the enemy, I declare be cancelled. This year may signs and wonders follow those that believe–miraculous power!  No Weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper.  We sift away every onslaught of the enemy in this pray–we winnow it away. His plots and plans are vetoed and blown away never to return again.  So it is, so shall it be done in Jesus’s name.

The Lord has given us the power of attorney to use His name with power and we do so today. Amen!


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