Example of Honarable Leadership

In all of our ways, it is essential we acknowledge God for guidance. It is paramount we seek Him first and His righteousness. By following the prerequisite command, the promise that all things shall be added is inevitable.

Doing the right thing, responding as He would respond, sets us apart–this is righteousness. This is the will of God. It takes consistency in prayer to stay focused.

How interesting, as we desire to follow Jesus, the flesh wars after the spirit. The Bible talks about this. When we desire to do good, evil is always present–the devil battles our thoughts, dreams, etc.

This article specifically addresses the believer. As you know, there are many issues to consider today: our prayer has to go beyond us. Nihilism, hedonism, and narcissism is prevalent and the nemesis for self indulgence in our western society. Have we waxed cold, do we lack civility? Do we understand our stance among the nations, or the global issues at hand.–Ishmael and Jacob?

Prayer is the order of the day for our leaders. Whether you represent clergy; secretary of state; right or left-wing politics, God does have the last say. He knows the beginning from the end and He know us. He is aquatinted with our thoughts (Psalms 139).

Although leaders are not necessarily on the front line, when constructing a plan their decisions must be effective, not just impressive. Unequivocally, if God is the focus, we cannot loose.


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