If You Are Looking For Me, Look Up

The kingdom of God is always advancing. Hereby, the believer must revolutionize his thinking; fundamentally, systematically,  and cognitively.

I was recently told, “Everything is not what it seems.”  I didn’t understand the dynamics of its revelation until now. A couple of years back, my sister-in-law said to me, “Look past the eye glasses.” She was referring to someone we were conducting business with. He palpable looked the part–an intelligent businessman. However, one day, we noticed that he put the doorknob on the door to his office backwards–locking himself out and giving entrance to everyone else. As the women said to me that evening, “Everything, meaning people, situations, and things are not what it seems.”

This women who I had never seen before was talking about people in my camp. I believe that the hardest thing for people to do is to let go of people, circumstances, and things….tell yourself to release it or them. Let it go! People who left you, walked out on you, or disappointed you, have a propensity to  look for you where they left you.  The problem is that they never saw your potential, nor could they perceive where God was taking you. So when they come back, they are looking down, not realizing you have already moved up. 

The disciples never saw the potential of the seed. When Jesus was spat on and had to carry His cross to His own crucifixion, the disciples scattered. They did not have the faith to stand. They did not have the capability to receive the revelation of the death, burial, and resurrection, or to even see the vision. Most in general, they operated by a subjected view of events rather than relationship with God (the effervescent of religion and not relationship with God).

Don’t get upset when people walk out of your life, abruptly leave the ministry, or never support your dream–just smile. The relationship was fugacious from the beginning. They could never go where the Lord is taking you.  Some relationships, are only for a season–temporal. God will send you what you need, when you need it. 

The believers understands that God is too big to let people dictate their destiny. In such a situation, the believer is propelled forward.  If he cognitively understands the promises of God, their is an excitement and exuberance that kicks in–to do even greater than the past. 

Let your mind see God past your senses. He is a huge God and will be what you perceive Him to be. People or things have no control over the matter when we have the covering of our Lord and in covenant with God. 

I am destined upward, so if you are looking for me, you have to look up–I am no longer in the place where you left me.


3 thoughts on “If You Are Looking For Me, Look Up

  1. Oh my gosh, i love this post!…’If you are looking for me, you have to look up-I am no longer in the place you left me’!!! PUNCH line!…definitely getting on my fb status! God bless you richly and keep this up.

  2. I so agree I have made some mistake and stumble some times but because I serve a God that restores when you look for me in my fallen place. look hard…
    I am destined upward, so if you are looking for me, you have to look up–I am no longer in the place where you left me. awesome word Pastor Tarran let God keep using you.

  3. What I’ve learned is that God puts you back to where you may have been the problem, so you can realize your input and lead you to caution yourself on your new actions. It makes me more thoughtful and understanding of others as they travel through their experiences.

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