Living In The Overflow

I am Living In The Overflow!

A pastor spoke this word into my spirit while I was visiting in London, “What God exposes you to, He leads you into.” Earlier God had already spoke, “Where there is vision, there is provision.”

This is not a convoluted message–it’s not your ambition or passion that I am referring to, but a god-given vision and provision.  In Him there is more than enough–it is a well that never runs dry–a sufficient supply to carry you through.

When I left London to return to the states, my flight was delayed; there was a layover in Switzerland. However, I was upgraded to ride on a business class flight. It was a delectable experience and my entrance on the plane was that of aristocratic privileges. I have already declared: that was the first of many business class flights that I will experience.

The operative word here is “provision.” The promise is abundance. The key is revelation–see and move forward from one blessing to the next–static provision produces nothing.

How many people do you know that refuse to throw out the old iron, broken vacuum, coffee pot, car, or empty container. Why? Because they cannot perceive God as their abundance.  They believe that at some point the well will run dry and they may have to retreat back to the broken dryer, or add water to the empty ketchup bottle.

Where there is vision, there is provision–there is ample supply. Don’t hold on to broken things and temporary provision. Temporal provision–things, circumstances, and people blind you from new provision.  When God wants to supply a new provision, it may mean new contacts, contracts, with a separation of circumstances, or people. Never look to people as your source, but to God who is the provision–your source.

The trying of your faith develops maturity and releases the glory of God in your life, which expands your thinking to new revelation. Hold on to every god-given dream and vision. Move as He directs you. I declare that greatness is your portion. It is Him that will supply your every need. God wants us to live in the overflow.


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