Fringe Benefits-God’s Compensations

  1. He speaks in the secret place. He gives revelation in prayer.
  2.  Through praise and worship, He advances the believer toward his/her purpose.

While showering this morning and culminating from praise to a prayer declaration, I began to degree “fringe benefits.”  This declaration left my lips and entered into the atmosphere. O Lord, what am I saying? “Fringe benefits  I thought. It is important to note that I have a strong background in the contingencies of HR development processes, compliance, and budgeting for company compensation packages. So when I heard the Holy Spirit speak these words through me in prayer, as always, I wrote it down and explored the term “fringe benefits.” I searched for the dynamics of this perk. Again, although I am familiar with fringe benefits from a subjected experience, I wanted a crisp and cognitive understanding of what God wanted me to declare and subsequently receive.

There are various non-wage compensations provided for the employee besides salary:

  • Housing
  • Insurance to cover every area
  • Leisure activities on work time
  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Resorts
  • Planes
  • Business credit cards
  • Golden handshake
  • Parachute handshake

First, you have to know who your God is to receive such benefits. Second, you have to understand where God has placed you to received such wealth. The Holy Spirit directs our prayer, leading us into a wealthy place in Him. Our Father who art in Heaven, Hollowed be His name is a huge God. When we ask God for something, we cannot bring anything to Him, because He is not an anything God.  However, He is the God of all things. And because He is a huge God, we can ask Him for all things. The expectation releases the revelation, indicating another avenue of how God wants to bless the believer. This same excitement  is a magnet that draws blessings toward you–people who are designed to undergird your vision, ministry, and blessings find you.  When we experience the wonders of God, He is magnified. When the believer knows that his days of frustration is over, his walk changes–it is jaunty and with certitude.

After searching His Word and the dynamics of this word “Fringe Benefits,” I conclude that God has more than a salary or wages for the believer, our blessings are at a higher level. We are Kingdom daughters and sons; therefore, we have been set up for the best. I am clearly stating that every need will be met. We are compensated in every area necessary. Quintessentially speaking, the high-end employee-executive receives these luxury–in-kind perks. Since we have been graced with aristocratic privileges, these in-kind benefits are our portion–we obtain favor from God and man. Moreover, God is not a reasonable God, our cognitive processing, which is our brain meads must be activated to go beyond an empirical or subjective view. It is paramount to experience GOD at a much higher lever– limitless.  We must see Him through His promises and not by our perception. Therefore, we must praise Him in advance for every blessing that will come into fruition concerning us. There is no slackness in His hand. If He has revealed it to you, it is yours. It was yours before the foundations of this world–Just Praise Him!


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