Birds Chirping–Represents A Chronometrical Prayer Principle

During my early morning, 3:00 a.m call to prayer, I was intrigued by the sound of birds chirping outside of my window. I knew there was something significant about this. After trolling the web, I was astonished to find several negative online postings of early morning risers, expressing their annoyance and agitation of birds chirping outside of their window.

It turns out that God‘s creation–male birds, start early by singing to announce that they are alive, alert and ready to defend their territory. Apparently, the earlier they make that announcement, the better. Also, their manly bird song is super attractive to potential mates.

This is so inline with Pastor Leo’s teaching during open forum. Last night he taught on the theological principles of prayer:

  • Chronometrical
  • Historical
  • Social Political
  • Linguistics
  • Cultural
  • Geographical

I am excited. We are on the first principle–chronometrical, which is time period and dispensation principal. Creation understands the chronometrical principal of God’s divine ordinance.

This speaks volume concerning early morning prayer and commanding the day for prosperity and victory. How powerful; the male bird represents that the male–priest of the home who magnifies his office by taking authority over territory.

Believer, creation is waiting for us to take our place. We are to pray  heavenly bound prayers and in the volume of the book that it written of us as Jesus did.  We are to invoke God that He will govern our day that His original plan and purpose is done in our life, family, and business, according to His will. We are to move with the methodologies of heaven–to  decree and declare that today that all elements of this world and heaven must come under God’s control–it is He who made us and not we–ourselves. It’s a natural instinct for birds to alert and command their morning–through prayer and diligence, the believer would also rise early command their day.


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