If You Can Just Weather the Storm

Matthew 14:22 of the New Testament extrapolates a conclusion from one of the greatest miracles of all–Jesus and Peter walking on water; John 6: 21, a whole ship taken from a storm area in the middle of a sea was suddenly at shore.

In Matthew 14:22; it is believed that the disciple’s subjected view and past experience, had overwhelmed their current circumstance. Remember in Matthew, chapter 8:23, Jesus had entered into a ship and the disciples had followed Him; there was a tempest in the sea and the waves covered the ship. In fear, the disciples awoke Jesus and He answered, “You men of little faith.” Jesus rebuked the wind and sea; and there was a great calm. These disciples woke Jesus out of His rest because they did not understand who they were. They didn’t realize that they had been given authority before the foundations of the earth to have dominion over all of the earth, which included even the sun, moon and stars (Genesis 1:26). They failed to realized that they were not subject to world systems.

Ephesians 2:2 tells us, “wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” (KJV)
The word “course” refers to the evil that runs like a stream through the world.

Here in Matthew 14:22, we find them again in a similar situation. It was after the death of John, perhaps they did not want to return back. Subsequently, Jesus constrained His disciples to get into a ship and to go across to Capernaum. Jesus stayed back, and soon after, went into prayer.

While Jesus was alone with God in retirement of the world and in prayer and meditation, as He often was, the disciples went onward. And the disciples sailed toward the middle of the sea. Note: His private praying and conquest of Satan were the secretes of His public power.

It was dark; the wind boisterous and the waves choppy, it was about the fourth watch–3:00 a.m. The ship was in the mist of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary. Jesus had walked four miles or half way across toward the disciples. When Jesus saw them, He went to them, walking on water. The disciples saw Jesus and they were shriek with fear and screamed. They did know who He was. It was apparition by night, which has been a superstition among all nations. To sailors it has always been a sign of shipwreck. There are three things that a storm will cause shipwreck and prohibit you from gliding on the water:

  • Obscure vision, prohibiting your view and conscious ability
  • Activated fear and dismay
  • Phantom like spirit

Frederich Nietzsche says, “While anxiety is that of helplessness and meaninglessness and has no object to fight and overcome, fear always has an object that can be acted upon. Anxiety has only the helplessness of the threat itself, as the source of the threat is ” nothingness,” while fear has a definite object that a method of action can be applied to. Courage and self-affirmation is acted out upon those fears. For this reason, the only way to combat anxiety is to first convert it to fear. Once conversion takes place, the anxiety – now having an object, becomes fear than can be acted upon, not to eradicate, but to control with courage.”

” Fear, as opposed to anxiety has a definite object, which can be faced analyzed, attacked, endured. One can act upon it, and in acting upon it participate in it – even if in the form of struggle.” Paul Tillich.

Jesus spoke to them to be of good cheer and to not be afraid. Peter replied to Jesus asking Him to order Him to come [command that He come]. This command and order allowed Peter to go beyond his natural ability, and reach a spiritual realm in faith, to actual walk on water. God never starts something without finishing it. He never bids us to come and leaves us to sink. It is our faith that will subdue the climate and keep us above the most daunting circumstance.

Peter’s faith was activated; with certitude; he came down from the ship and walked on water. As this point, Peter did not reason with the laws of nature, the celestial, or the elements–he just simply walked on water toward Jesus. Moreover, Peter stepped beyone the course of this world, But as he began to walk toward Jesus, evil spirits began to counsel him. A spirit of calamity spoke to his spirit and Peter capitulated. We know this because he began to sink. On the contrary, Peter lost focus and begin looking with his natural eyes and hearing with his natural ears rather than in the spirit. Because Satan did not want Peter to be victorious over the storm, or advance in a His kingdom relationship with Jesus, I believed evil spirits reminded him of the last storm and of his natural ability to walk on water.  When you find yourself believing God for the impossible, beware of inimical forces.

When you decide to walk on water, you will have to ride out the storm. Walking on water is a supernatural realm in the spirit. It is the place of a twenty-four hour blessing. These are the blessings that will blow your mind. It is a place that you command as Jesus did– to come. This supernatural realm gives and allows entrance for the King of glory to enter. You begin to accurately and fluently speak in prophetic realms.

Know that the storm will rage, but at all times, you must take your counsel from God. Do not allow the enemy to counsel you (Psalms 1). Handle all of your business and transacts in the spiritual realm. You don’t have to fight with recalcitrant and irascible people. Even if the bank or those in high places say no, conduct your business in prayer. Prayer is the spiritual realm, which is the causal realm to bind, loose, decree, declare, legislate, constitute, and command. Pray in your kingly anointing (see warfare prayers) during the night watches as Jesus did. His first watch was 6:00 p.m. Jesus prayed 3-11 hours intervals downloading success, prosperity, wealth, ingenuity, progress, and power into the disciples day. Each watch is a three hour period. The most crucial watch is the 12:00 a.m. watch. This is the watch that witches and warlock perform at their highest.

For success in your pray, submit to God; bring everything under His Lordship and no diabolical ordinances–plots or plans can hurt or harm you. End your prayer with praise and worship. Life and death is in the power of your tongue, therefore, no longer speak self-defeating or capricious words.

Just ride out the storm as you command waves and storms to cease. Every euroclydon storm designed to bring shipwreck is under your authority. If you will not loose hope or get weary, you will see the rays of light streaming through the clouds. Just hold out and hold on–the Lord has you, and nothing can overtake you. Seek the Lord diligently. Do not be silent before Him; but be relentless, and you will experience greatness in you life (Isaiah 67:2).


Today, by the spirit of the Lord, with all power, I pull every negative word you or your forefathers have ever spoken out of the atmosphere and I replace them with victory, success, and prosperity. I decree, you shall prosper.

Believer, I command a twenty-four hour anointing–a complete turn around in your life. I decree that about this the tomorrow, you will see the manifestation of God’s signs and wounds. Something miraculous is going to happen for you.


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