With Sorrow Comes Strength

Sorrow comes with strength. I saw this picture on a blog today. What a powerful statement. You never know how strong you are until you need strength.

Strong people are able to weather the storms; overcome obstacles; and adapt to change. Typically, they are courages and determined. But, this does not mean they don’t hurt or desire to be loved and embraced. Conversely, they make adjustments while taking courage in the most daunting circumstances.

Remember the scene in “Waiting to Exhale?” Characters: Birdie and Gloria are on the Ferris wheel and Birdie says to Gloria, “I’m not like you, I need someone to hold me.” This was one of my favorite scenes. Although this scene depict Birdie perceiving Gloria as a strong woman who didn’t need to be held, ” I believe the viewer would “beg to differ.” Strong people need someone to hold them just the same. Watching the movie; we knew that Gloria wanted nothing more but to be loved and held. How often do we misjudge and misunderstand  love ones and friends?

Often times, because of courage,  rejection and pain is overlooked or dismissed. It is a hypothesis that the strong are a magnet for success. People tend not to hug the strong; give a word of encouragement to the strong; or forgive the strong. Most in general, “They’ll get over it; through it; etc,” is the perception. This is nescient thinking. Everyone needs strength at some point in their life. Thank God, that the Lord does pick up the pieces and holds us when no one else will.

Ask yourself, have you encouraged someone who you thought was a magnet for strength?


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