The Season to Plant in Fertile Soil

It is the season for planting to receive uncontaminated and unhindered blessings.

Last night during prayer I saw a field of freshly cultivated soil.  The top soil was fluffy, dark and rich–nothing had sprouted, but I was assured that I would  experience new growth.  God has allowed the fallow ground  to be broken up and the planting of new and fresh seeds. Gardening experts advise that  building organic soil does not need to be a complex matter, but it can take time and hard work.  These experts test soil to see what type of soil–clay, silt, sand or loam to naturally or organically fertilize and enhance. It is important to understand when to spread lime, when to place weed killer, and when to lay the manure–too soon will kill new growth–too late will cause added problems for growth.

This is tantamount to the laying down of foundational truths according to the Word of God and then building on it’s concepts.  Teaching with the understanding and methodologies of Kingdom principles is refreshing  for my ministry. As the ministry downloads; success; re-engunity; purpose; and strategic positing in spiritual realms into the believer,  I get  to see the once wounded and damaged, now healed and prospering in God.

My  vision connotes a season of fertilization and cultivation for ministry. New seeds were planted. This is powerful!. Subsequently, the harvest of  new territory, new opportunities, wealth and prosperity is inevitable .

Believer; I am excited;  embrace the season–plant whatever you need in rich soil, that you may receive a return.


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