In Memory of 9/11

In memory of 9/11. On September 10, 2001, early that morning, I flew to New York from San Diego California. I was moving back to begin ministry. I vividly remember trying to secure a east-bound flight earlier in the week for September 11. However, everything was booked.

It was a beautiful day on September 10, so excited and glad to be back home, I met with family and began the process of getting my daughter registered in school. The next morning, on the 11th, I woke up with great expectation. While driving to the bank the news was reporting about the first tower being hit. I never thought it was an attack. I continued to drive to the bank. While in the bank, I heard the sound of a woman in distress–it was one of the tellers, her sister was in one of the towers and her call were going straight to voice mail.

Today I reflect on how, the company that I worked for (Union Bank of California) tried to assist me with getting me transferred to the New York, Towers location. To God be the glory, I never could get the paperwork in on time. Moreover, although I was sedulous about getting a flight on September 11, the website continued to report no vacancies–God is merciful.

My husband’s friend was a victim of 9/11. He worked in one of the towers and made out in time, but went back to help others. His family still mourns.

Today I pray for our nation, I prayer for every family and friend who has lost a love one due the devastating occurrences of 9/11. God be merciful and cause your face to shine upon us.


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