Dreams Do Come True!

Dreams do come true my friends.  On a clear and sunny morning as I arose from my bed, clearly, I heard the Lord say “Maid Service.” I didn’t quite understand what He meant, or what direction He was leading me. Conversely, I began to research the industry and demographics. Consequently speaking, I learned that with the right clientele, it  is a lucrative business.  As I began to write the vision and business plan,  the Lord instructed me to  share it with my mother.

Later that night I talked with my mom about my vision. She was amazed– for the first time she revealed to me her desire.  To give you a little insight; my mother was a maid in her earlier years.  She hosted parties for Passover, Hanukkah, Purim, Christmas and the alike.  She  cleaned homes for upper and middle class clients–black  and white.  As  a little girl, she experienced segregation at its highest. Once while helping her mom clean homes, she opened a closet and was petrified. In the closet she discovered a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood hanging  in the closet.  Frightened and afraid for her life, she dashed for the door and ran all the way home. As a teenager, going to the movies was an experience.  She and her friends had to sit in the balcony–they were not allowed to sit in the main theater.  She has shared so many stories with my sisters and I. Her cleaning could consist of cleaning curtains, then dipping them Argo Starch, and stretching them in a frame until they were dry. The curtains would stiffen not needing any ironing and ready to be hung. Many times her pay was the leftover food from the client. Her regular weekly pay was $1.50. She told of a circumstance that happened often: Although white male insurance representatives and other businessmen would knock on the front door before entering their home, she and my grandmother were prohibited to enter the front door of any white person’s home.

As a young woman my mom moved to New York from Georgia 1956 and worked as a maid for many years.  Her dream was to have her own maid service some day. Well, 30-years later, by the grace of God and leading of the Holy Spirit, her vision comes into fruition. Remember that whatever you pray, shall come to pass. Once you decree it, it has been established.  If you trust and believe, God will emphatically, give you the desires of your heart. It may take years to manifest, but He is true to His word.

Today we have lunched our family business (mom who is the business chairperson). In honor of my mother’s hard work and dedication to raise my sisters and I under vicissitudinous, diabolical circumstance and tribulations (see my book for more details),  I named it after my mom.  As I mentioned in my book, we continue to be victorious!


Our business:

Anita’s Illustrious Cleaning: A Prestigious Home and Commercial Service. 


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