BRAIN POWER- a skill activator

In time past there has been controversial opinions on the left and right brain theory.  Conversely, I happen to believe there is some validity to the concept. I have actually taught on it and have seen amazing results.

In general, I use my right hand.  The right side of my body is seemly stronger than my left side and according to the theory, the right side of my brain is my strength.  Since I have learned this theory, when days are hectic and times call for me to be nimble,  creative and analytical, I must get both sides of my brain working.  By performing certain exercises to stimulate both sides of my brain, I have been able to multitask, stay focused and complete important projects. Moreover, I have been able to complete well written articles, embrace detailed projects and brainstorm for new and innovative  ideals.

A couple of exercise that I find do work:

  • Write with your opposite hand (maybe your name,  full address, friends and family’s name, etc). Then circle the information a couple of times.
  • Walk backwards down a hallway or in an open space.
  • With the opposite hand that you generally do not write with, move it in a circular motion–backwards and forward. You can also rub your stomach with the other hand in the opposite direction.

These are just a few exercises… I have even jogged backwards, which has given me balance and ingenuity.

Do you have a busy day or special project?  Is it paramount that you get your analytical skills activated and  creative juices flowing? These  exercises are even great for your children to sharpen them for the day.

Just another nugget

It is also important to know when you function better. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Knowing this will help you for years to come.  Example: I am a morning person–rising early, no matter what time I have gone to bed the night before. Consequently speaking, morning and afternoon hours is when I must work on special project, brainstorm for new ideals or even write a memo. This is when ideals come easily for me. I  am not a night owl. Therefore, reading after 9:00 PM is a waste of time–there is no cognitive processing for me.

Do you know what your children are? Knowing when they function better  may help them in their studies as well.




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