Women Making Power Connections

I attended SistaFriendz: The Power of Purpose Breakfast today, hosted by founder and CEO, Toya L. Beasley. Ms. Beasley was the well-known radio personality and friendly voice of New York City’s WRKS-FM, better known to fans as 98.7 KISS-FM.

SistaFriendz, a 501 (C)(3) Nonprofit Organization established to educate, equip and empower women for success in their personal and professional lives. The organization uses programs, workshops, mentoring sessions, careers guidance and other initiatives to help women understand their true  worth so they can reach their full potential. The speakers were Toya Beasley, Jacqueline Concepcion and Felicia T. Scott–awesome job!

The purpose was empowerment and resource connections. There were many orphic stories of women who have achieved success or moving into their purpose.

Thank you Toya. I met many fascinating people.

Susan on Sesame Street since the show’s debut in 1969. In the earliest seasons, she also lent her voice to Muppet characters, including Roosevelt Franklin’s MotherSuzetta Something, one of the Anything Muppet backup singers in “Mahna Mahna“, and the mother in “Five People in My Family“, amongst others.

I was personally afforded the opportunity to make many connections for Ray of Light. Relationships were established  through this women’s conference.

  • Multicultural Grand Coalition Scholarship Society Inc
  • Pars International Corp
  • Cathedral International
  • Black Girls Rock
  • And More!


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