Too many credulous “know-how’s.”
Refuse to allow your emotions to be affected by your internal mechanism because of convoluted speculation from naysayers. Let the naysayers have their say concerning what they perceive God is doing in your life. Yes, they will questioned, “where is your God?”

John the Baptist ate locust, herbs and honey living in the wilderness
Nebuchadnezzar lost his kingdom, but God left him a stump
Joseph was thrown in a pit and in jail
Job lost his family, possessions. His wife said curse God and die
Jesus was born in a manger and later rode on a donkey

Just because you may experience vicissitude of circumstances and life is seemly not what you or others expected, that doesn’t mean that God is not with you.

Job looked for God, but He didn’t answer. Unequivocal, God was with Him as He was with Joseph and Daniel.

This is where…

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