A Road Called “Less Traveled”

Although the road named “Less Traveled” is a journey to expected success, many bypass its intersection and take the seemly faster route–a route that the majority would travel. Only a few will dare to journey the less traveled road. Those that are set apart will even pull out their camcorder and tape the scenic route experience. Yes, it’s a challenge, however, the results can be rewarding. On the journey you may experience some road blocks, storms and a few dead-end turns. That doesn’t mean quit or abort. The question is: What do you expect at your final destination?

It’s October and I am making my declarations now. Its seed planting time; there is anointing in the atmosphere to plant. I cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Most would wait until “New Years Eve.” That is when I want my seeds to begin sprouting. I have chosen to take the road, “Less Traveled;” twenty thirteen will be the result of me daring to believe God for what appears to be unreasonable for my life. I made the declaring; therefore, it shall be established. Why not make your declarations today.

Three reasons why many will not travel the road “Less Traveled.”
1. Trepidation of the end result. If God has given you vision, there will be provision. He will also give favor–lack of finance doesn’t limit your success. He (God), Who begun a good work in you, will complete it. Press forward, God will give you the know how and connections. In the interim, get your camcorder out and film the events along the way. You are going to need that film as proof of where you have come from. The scenic route will give the empirical evidence of an epic story to be told.

2. Doing it alone. More often than not, people who don’t understand your vision will walk away or even quit mid-way. They may even leave because the purpose in you is too great for them to comprehend, so they become envious and contempt. Don’t get upset. They are not educated enough to allow God’s wonders to work in you and your vision. Some things you have to do by yourself. Allow God to connect you to people that will support your vision–He will send them. Get out and network and don’t give up. Although, at times, the road may be arduous, you can make it. Many that have taken this road didn’t report of how easy it was, but of the challenges they overcame.

3. Insecurity within yourself. Many count themselves out before they begin. We have the propensity to believe the negative before we believe the positive. Don’t let the enemy counsel you. Remember Peter walked on water until he became subjugated to the courses of this world. You can go beyond what your natural eyes see– what you can even think, or imagine-pretty deep huh. Your past does not have to determine your future. Believe in yourself. Your challenges can be the anointing that propels you forward–it is your strength.



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