The Cost for Discipleship

Real Situations Require Hinds Feet:

Matthew 8:14-26 lets us know there is a cost for discipleship–it shouldn’t be strange to the believer when the enemy attacks.

Following Jesus will cost you something. In the tempest, Satan’s plot is to create premature death–physically and spiritually. Know for sure; the storms are going to rage. Winds are going to blow. A fire will be lit just for you, but neither shall overtake you, Isaiah 43:2

You are audacious woman/man of God. Your attack is not strange. When the enemy has a great understanding of who you are, and the anointing upon your life– the greater the attack. Consequently speaking, He will try to rock your confidence and faith to ensure that everything you believed is null and void. His hypothesis is that you have only served God for things and mountaintop experiences. Satan goes for the juggle. “But God,” who has given us the power to rebuke the winds and change atmospheric conditions, warns us through the Peter walking on water experience that we are not subjugated to the courses of this world.

We can walk in the supernatural. Many will say, “Lord I will follow you to ends of the earth,” but lack endurance. You must encourage yourself. No matter how grim it looks; speak to the dry bones and command them to live again– you are victorious over this situation. Your great reward shall be seen in the heavens and on earth. Blessings my friends.


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