Discipleship Cognition

Jesus knew the choreographic and symphonic movements of his disciples–seen and unseen. He understood the methodologies of religion and relationship. He was the iron sharpener to keep them focused as He spoke of what was to come. It must have been a rewarding and intimidating experience to sit at the feet of Jesus. Although there were twelve disciples, Jesus was closest to Peter, John (the beloved disciple), and James the brother of John. One would assume that they had to be keen, willing and available to follow Him. To follow they could not look back, but thrust forward.

Leadership is suppose to sharpen us and teach us relationship. The believer is called to a work, quintessentially speaking, a challenging experience. However, it is designed to propel us forward. It is not “Occam Razor.” Aristotle said teleology is the idea that all things are designed for, or directed toward, a final result or purpose. In the ministry of leadership, discipleship, and servant hood, to every problem there is a solution, and God directs us to the solution. The easy way is not necessary the answer. The Word of God says, “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7 This lets us know that we are not alone in journey of discipleship.

In order to comprehend the purpose of ministry and discipleship, one has to be cognizant of the commission to serve. Christianity is a eastern religion, however, most try to serve God by means of a western ideology. Consequently, this is a lack of understanding and mere concepts of the bible. Nescient to who Jesus was and what one is called to, evokes a spirit of hypocrisy, apostasy and narcissism. Believer, there is no microwave science to studying the Word of God or serving. The ministry of God is joy as well as long suffering. Stay subservient to the master and you shall be rewarded (Mark 10:29)



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