Overcome the Obstacles of Life

Overcome the Pressures of Life-Have Faith in God
Overcome the Pressures of Life-Have Faith in God

Through unconsciousness, you are subjugated to your emotions, which lends itself to uncertainty and misjudgment.

Once on an endless desert road, a man thought it not possible to overcome the obstacles of life. He wondered if he would make it to the nearest gas station which was 15 miles out. He had just left his wife of 26 years, who was cheating on him for two years. Only to add to his troubles, his mom was diagnosed with cancer a year ago.

In a panic, he began to sweat and lose all sense that God, who is able, would see him through what was seemly hopeless. As he drove looking for a gas station, many thoughts came to mind–pictorial images of his wife’s extra marital notions. He pondered the thought of driving into an oncoming truck, even slamming into a wall–whatever would end the confusion and stop the pain, so he thought.

My friend, when one becomes overwhelmed with the pressures of life, the mind falls victim to counsel that wavers. If one looses faith in God, extreme measure are taken to obtain or posses what is lacking. When we are unconscious, we can in no way see the panorama view of things. The emotions are unstable and cardinality is masked through reasoning, while unquestionable faith takes a back seat.

On the contrary, have faith in God and only believe–with God, nothing is impossible.


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