The Master of Suddenly


God is the master of suddenly; there are times you need faith to believe and times that you need a miracle to come forth.

I previously spoke about Martha in the New Testament book of St. John, the 11th chapter. Consequently, I cannot speak of her without talking about the mystique Mary who washed the feet of Jesus. She is the sister Martha and Lazarus. She is the Mary who went to Jesus as soon as she heard the Master had called for her.  In this passage, verse 32, Jesus was troubled after he saw Mary as well as the Jews weeping. He was moved against the satanic power that had Lazarus in a grip.  Once again He faced a conflict with Satan, however this time, it was the power of death.

When He saw where they laid Lazarus, He wept. This passage delineates that Jesus knew her pain–Lazarus, so she perceived had died. And although He wept–a didactic of the shortest but most expressive scripture in the Bible, Jesus caused His enemies to acknowledge His love and compassion. It is interesting that they had no idea that a greater miracle was about to be performed than the healing of the blind man. God wants to do greater than the last miracle and, or the last testimony in your life. This was a set-up for a greater blessing. Let us go a little deeper: The Jews generally cut their graves out of the faces of cliffs. The stone in this case did not lie upon the the grave opening, but leaned against it. Until God completely shuts the door, there still a possibility for a miracle.  See each situation with the mind of Christ. Things that seem to be out of the norm, could be for the glory of God in your life.

Jesus told them to remove the stone–a stone lay upon the cave and not cut into the cliff. Martha said that Lazarus stinketh–it had been four days. Jesus, again, asked a question. “Said I not unto thee, that if thou wouldest believe, thou shoulest see the glory of God? Jesus began to speak to His Father– He knew He had a covenant with Him. He thank the Father for hearing His prayer. He went on to say; “And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by, I said it, that they may believe that thou has sent me.”  This suggest that Christ had already prayed and was heard, receiving the will of God in this case before He started on His trip to Bethany. He no doubt was led of God to delay the trip as recorded in Chapter 11. Verse 43 delineates that Jesus, with a loud voice called forth Lazarus and he that was dead came forth. He spoke loud enough that all standing could hear the command and see that even the dead were subject to Him.

My friend, God is the master of suddenly–one call, text, mail or the alike can change your life forever.  Hold on–only believe that nothing is too hard for God ~ Pastor T Carter.

Truth Statement:

  • Only Believe!
  • You are not subjugated to the courses of the world!
  • The dead issue is subject to you!
  • Death has no power over you!
  • Whatsoever you bound on earth is bound in heaven!
  • Whatsoever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven!

Fourteen Purposes of Christ’s Miracles:

  • Make believers
  • Fulfill prophecy
  • Demonstrate God’s will
  • Destroy the works of Satan
  • Confirm His Sonship and Messianic claims
  • Confirm God’s Word and love
  • Demonstrate God’s power over Satan
  • Proves that God was WITH Him
  • Proves the kingdom of God present
  • Sets an example for all gospel ministers
  • Demonstrates the power of the Spirit baptism
  • Demonstrates full salvation for body

One thought on “The Master of Suddenly

  1. Thank you for these encouraging words of life! I so enjoy your Blog! You are a Blessing to the Body of Christ! I pray others find comfort and challenge here. Your warfare prayer tore down strongholds and set captives free! In Jesus Name!

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