Grace & More Grace Shall You Be Established

1.2.2a_ls0001092_7_1From a damaged root–life emerges- God will bring forth a fresh BRANCH–a servant.

Who are you O great mountain?  The ‘great mountain’ is symbolic of a great man who has made the decree that the work you started will not be completed.  God reveals the enemy through revelation, availing us to  give him notice that the mountain will become plain before the true kingdom builder of God. The servant of the Lord is encouraged to move forward with the anointing–the Spirit of the Lord. It is with grace and more grace that the work be accomplished.

Revelation is revealed through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Let’s examine one of the scriptures pertaining  the power of God.  Zechariah 4:9
The greatest display of God’s power are not necessarily shows of force, mighty acts, or creative splendor. Rather, the supremacy of God’s power is seen in the way He accomplishes His purpose through mere vessels of clay made mighty because He has infused them with His life.

The text addresses a worn and weary Zerubbabel, who, having gallantly laid the temple’s foundation, was about to succumb to discouragement. But the word of God makes a declaration that by the Spirit of God, Zerubbabel’s hands will complete the work God has destined for him.

Discouragement can always be answered with God’s ability to grace and empower the human soul. His might is seen by what HE does through the weak, the insignificant, the powerless–a Babe born in Bethlehem, a timid Gideon, a melancholy Jeremiah, a band of twelve ordinary men (Cor. 1:26-28).

Rest is this assurance: As long as the heart is turned toward Him in childlike trust, He will enable anyone to complete the work to which He has called them. Deut. 4:24/Job 19:25)


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