A Short Story: Loosed!

jeep driveIt was early evening; the conference had just ended and I was on schedule to catch my train. However, I needed a ride into the city. Jack and I were friends, he was one of the committee members who suggested I ride with Mario–a friend and member of the committee. I had seen Mario several times during our meetings. He would always greet me with a warm hello. Although I was a little nervous about riding with him, I said, “Okay.”

Minutes later, I was in Mario’s jeep and we were all set to go. Mario push the gear in reverse and quickly backed out of the spot.  I held onto the armrest as we pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road. Mario sped down the road toward the first traffic light–the jeep encountering every bump. My stomach felt as though I was on a roller coaster ride. O my God, who am I riding with,? I thought.  “Mario, please slow down –I have motion sickness.” I said.  “Okay Sis. Andrews.” He said with a smile.

Now a few miles away from the conference center, I was captivated by the amazing land form of mountains and their peaks, it was a breath of fresh air. While experiencing God’s thumbprint, Mario, a handsome young man, half my age, gave me salacious grin and spoke of how he admired me. My flesh was flattered, but my spirit was suspect of his approach. As the conversation went on, Mario became aggressive. He moved his hand to touch my leg, forcing me to push his hand away. I moved closer to the door and pulled down on my skirt so it would cover a porting of my knees.

When Mario realized I was not moved by his comments or suggestions, he made a quick detour from the main road. Now concerned, I asked, “Where in the world are we going?” Mario indicated that this was the best way to go. Although I was not familiar with the area, I knew the enemy had a plan. This was not paranoia, I had an epiphany– I was in danger, and Mario had the face of the enemy. The air in the jeep became dense. The jeep swerved making slight turns with the road.

Mario turned the wheel to make a sharp turn down an isolated dirt road. Without hesitation, I pulled my white and pink cell phone from my bag to call for help. Mario slammed down on the breaks as he grab my arm. I bit down on his knuckles and kicked his feet and legs. My phone fell as he tightly held his grip. I reached  for the door and pulled on the door knob. As the door slightly opened, he grabbed my long hair and tried to snap my neck back–my spine tightened. I screamed, “Ahhhh.”  to release the pain. Bracing myself on the car door, I lift my leg and with all on my strength, I dug the heel of my wedge shoe into his abdomen and genitals.

Mario screamed out with a vile curse and grabbed himself. I was free and able to flee. I pushed the door open and stumbled to get my balance. Something was wrong with my back, I could straighten up. I took a deep breath and fumbled for my handbag from the car floor.  I ran as fast as I could toward the main road. Although I realized I didn’t have my phone, I kept running. The ground was un leveled with patches of dirt and weeds.  I contemplated on taking my shoes off so I could run faster; however, I was afraid I would run on glass or a sharp tree branch or shrubbery. I kept running.  Just as my feet hit the pavement, I saw the teetering headlights on his jeep coming toward me. I wasn’t sure what to do.  Faintly, I heard the sound of a car and I turned around. In the distance, I saw headlights–a car was coming down the road. No trepidation–I was able to stand erect. I ran down the middle of the road to flag down the car. The red Saturn slowed down and stopped. It was a middle aged man. I frantically hit his car and asked him to let me in. He unlocked the door and I got in. “Just drive– drive!” I said. I then asked for his phone to call the police. As we drove off, I heard the screeching sound of Mario’s jeep. He sped pass us and quickly turned around to go in the opposite direction.

As his jeep faded in the distance I began to calm down–I knew I was safe. Later that evening we were at the police station and my family arrived soon after.  The police arrested Mario, a week later. This was his third sexual offense.

My friend, though it appears to be linked with God, try the spirit to see if it is God.  Unequivocally, the enemy will expose his purpose. He will come appearing to be your help, moving aggressively to kill, steel and destroy. Break loose, even if you have to walk alone–God will never leave you or forsake you.

Copyright 2013 reserved only for TarranCarter


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