Peace Like A River


Who can attain the mind of God and who can know the thoughts of the Father?

No one can speak like He speaks. His voice is like no other. If you have a mind to hear, you will hear when He guides, comforts, and instructs.

It was 4:30 AM, I was exhausted, mentally and physically, I had some concerns and I just wanted to talk. I laid my head in His bosom and began to pray for my family. I prayed from my spirit–never opening my mouth–from the depths of my soul. That moment, I was drawn closer to Him– in the secret place. He answered and said in a still voice,

“Without God, man runs out of time, but with God, all things are accomplished, through you–in Him, at the appointed time.”

Who can speak like the Master? I was clay in His hands. Psalms 91 from the Old Testament delineates the awesomeness of being in such a place–it is peace like a river. I turned over and went back to sleep knowing that I can move forward.  All things that are in His will, shall be accomplished–His words are breathtaking!




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