It’s A New Season

cropped-img_07173.jpg My faith has stood in the commerce of heat. I have showed up for my preliminary hearing and have stood in the courtroom of God. Because I believed, it was accredited to my account. After reading books on: Name It..; Six Ways to Be Blessed; Decree and Declare…done that–got the T-shirt, some things still did not change. In the trying of my faith, I had to yoke my collar and stand courageously. I asked myself, who told you that you were not going to have a testing of your faith experience? Who told you that this Christian experience was immediate retribution, an immediate response? That is a distorted version of God’s Word.

My summation is:  I was tried in the fire, but I am coming out as pure gold. The conflict and affliction proved good for my soul. There, I received revelation–and experience with God. Moreover, I can empirically say that some things will not change, but God will give you the grace to go through. My faith has stood the test, and it is not about wealth or health–it’s trusting Him when you don’t know what to do.

God has the solution for every problem or concern, and His timing is always perfect.

A new season is up on me–I can see the glory. It is a season of power and prosperity. It is a fresh anointing flowing my way and everything that I need is resting in my Father’s hand.

My friend, trials will come. Do not think it is strange when they come upon you. However, God will make you strong in your weakness. He will also give you strength to stand.


One thought on “It’s A New Season

  1. Hello, It truly is a new season and so many new journey’s have started. I receive your word and may the Lord continue to reveal himself through you, in Jesus name.

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